All Because Of You
The Dramatics Lyrics

I was born a child of grace
Nothing else about the place
Everything was ugly but your beautiful face
And it left me no illusion

I saw you in the curve of the moon
In the shadow cast across my room
You heard me in my tune
When I just heard confusion
All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am... I am

I like the sound of my own voice
I didn't give anyone else a choice
An intellectual tortoise
Racing with your bullet train

Some people get squashed crossing the tracks
Some people got high rises on their backs
I'm not broke but you can see the cracks
You can make me perfect again

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am... I am

I'm alive
I'm being born
I just arrived, I'm at the door
Of the place I started out from
And I want back inside

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am

Writer(s): S. Barns, Jack Lauderdale, A. Williams, Gladys Harris

Contributed by Miles Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This was one of my favorite songs in the 60’s living in Cleveland Ohio and listening to WJMO radio-not many white girls like me had discovered soul music beyond Motown yet.


I remember performing this song ,along with "Bingo","Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo",and "If You Haven't Got Love" with the late Ron Banks and The Dramatics at The Arcadia Roller Rink" (A" Frank Brown Presents" production with my band Leonard King & The Soul Messengers in July of 1967.R.I.P Ron Banks.

Dedrick McConnell

His voice is very unique. He doesn't sound like anybody else!

Rae Miller

Awh! snap...I remember this when I was little, but I didnt know it was the Dramatics that made it. Detroit soul forever in my DNA. RIP RB


Love it and really need a copy on vinyl!! ktf

paul s ,

Bought a copy back in 2005 never knew until recently the story about Larry reeds involvement in the Algiers motel killings depicted in the film Detroit , just can’t help to feel for him and what he went through leaving the band as they was on the verge of finally getting some place , wish I hadn’t sold my copy now still nice one Kev 👍

Steven Stewardson

What a masterpiece of slab soul record incredibly massive Wigan casino 78 I ktf to everyone connected to The huge soul scene ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

spain pete

Steven Stewardson slab of goodness

spain pete

Steven Stewardson so right. ktf🎶🎶👏

DJ big leg

i love the words written on the 45 label super sonic sound,yeah im a vinyl man great post

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