Don't Make Me No Promises
The Dramatics Lyrics

(Baby, Don't)
(Baby, Don't, Baby)

Don't, make me no promises
(Baby) don't, make me no deals
Baby don't, tell me no little white lies
Oh! just be for real

You say you're gonna do right by me
And stop your messing around
You build my hopes up to the sky
(Went to the sky)
And then you let me down

If, you don't love me (love) baby
Then (spare...) spare me the pain
Of wanting you, and loving you
(And hanging on)
And hanging on in vain

Baby don't, make me no promises
(Baby) don't, make me no deals
Baby don't, tell me no little white lies
Oh Girl! just be for real

You said you're gonna stick by me
Till death do us part
And everytime you break your promises
(Break your promises)
You end up breaking my heart

Love is love
There are no in betweens
You've got to mean what you say
(Mmmh what you say)
You've got to say what you mean

Baby don't, make me no promises
Oh! don't, make me no deals (Hey)
Baby don't, tell me no little white lies
(Don't! just be for real)

(Oh! Don't) Don't
(Woo! Don't) Don't
(Make me no promises)
Don't make me no promises
(No, no! baby!)
(Don't, don't)
No, no (oh don't)
Don't make me no deals
(Make me no deals)

(Hey baby don't) and whatever you do
(Please don't) make me no promises
(No, no, no, no, oh don't)
(Make me no deal) (Hey, hey don't)
(Make me no promises)(Woo! Don't)
(Make me no deal)(Hey don't)
(Tell me no little white lies)
(Just, just be for real)(Hey baby)
(Don't) No (make me no promises)
No, don't make no promises
(Baby don't)(make me no deal)
And no deals (baby don't)
(Tell me no little white lies)
Whatever you do don't tell me a lie
(Girl, just be for real)
Please be for real (hey baby)
(Don't) (make me no promises)

Promises promises... (Don't babe, don't)
(Don't, make me no deal)

Writer(s): Tony Hester

Contributed by Julian B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Johnny Chambers

The is a song that is so true .How many time went through heart ACH like song Don't Make Me Know Promise And The Don't Me No Deal because I know they are Lies and that hurt got love for all the lady LosAngles and Pittsburgh PA J C

Mike Horgan

Ron kills it on this oneΒ  !!

Margaret Swanagan

Yes indeed


Not sure why this doesn't get any play in the UK and Europe etc. on the rare/northern soul scene 'cos its got it all, fab lyrics, backing and production plus a slowed down part for spinning, hand stands etc. etc. ya gotta have fun when you dance... and its the Dramatics!!?? First heard it on the Dells versus Dramatics LP... great tune.. great album.

Tech Soul

I agree


Oh... while I'm here the other tune which doesn't get play and should also on the LP is 'Choosing Upon You'... another great tune!

Margaret Swanagan

Love me some Ron Banks always

Margaret Swanagan

Ok Ronnie sing it then πŸ˜‚

Margaret Swanagan

Say what you mean

Margaret Swanagan


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