Fell For You
The Dramatics Lyrics

Like a star, slipping out of place
Sliding from the sky, tumbling through space
When you touch my hand,
I swear I feel like I'm falling
(falling, falling, falling)
Seems like I'm falling
(falling, falling, falling)

Like a wheel whirling, round and round,
Rolling down a hill (rolling-down-a-hill)
Spinning on the ground
Your kisses make my dizzy
In the head and I'm falling,
(falling, falling, falling)
(falling, falling, falling)

Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you
Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you

I was a bird soaring, through the air
Flying fancy free, without a care
Until you clipped my wings
Now look at me
Oh, I'm falling
(falling, falling, falling)
Yeah, falling
(falling, falling, falling)

Oh here I go, down and down I go
I can't help myself
Girl you thrill me so
Yeah you blew my mind
And I know, that I'm falling
(falling, falling, falling)
Yes, I'm falling
(falling, falling, falling)

Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you
Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you

Oh, down, down, down I go (falling)
Oh, down, down, down I go (falling)
Oh, down, down, down I go (falling)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you
(seems like, seems like)
Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you
Uh-oh girl,
I think that I have fell for you

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


from one of the best soul groups EVER, along with the ORIGINALS, SPINNERS, CHI- LITES, IMPRESSIONS, STYLISTICS, BARKAYS, OHIO PLAYERS, PLAYERS ASSOCIATION, ATLANTIC STARR, COMMODORES, Four Tops, Lakeside, Temptations, O'Jays, Dells, Archie Bell, Crown Heights Affair, Manhattans, Con-funk-Sion, ( do u c where i'm going with this, yes, there are simply to many Artists to mention, just from 1978 alone, I am blown AWAY with the amount of FIRST CLASS ALBUMS THAT CAME OUT. CHECK THIS OUT Heres the thing too, 1978 WAS THE BEST YEAR EVER for soul and funk ALBUMS, BARRY WHITE had his, NANCY WILSON had hers, SLAVE had the '' CONCEPT '' , BOBBY THURSTON had his, '' I WANT YOUR BODY '' What a song that was, mmmmmmmmmmm. TEMPTATIONS '' BAREBACK '' But check out '' ZOOM '' ZOOM ZOOM ZU ZU ZOOOOOOOOOM by them as well, ON THEIR '' 1990 '' album . HEAVEN AND EARTH had theres, (( All though there DEEP FUNKY BASS MASTER BLASTER came on their 1979 Album ' ''FANTASY '' ' with the song '' I FEEL A GROOVE UNDER MY FEET '' )) What a Bomb Bastic song that was, AND MATCHES ANYTHING SLAVE EVER DID, IF NOT BETTER. And you could say qualifies as a 1978 song, as it was probably conceived in that year. And the same applies to LOU RAWLS '' LIVE '' AND HIS 1979 ALBUM '' LET ME BE GOOD TO YOU '' surely the BEST SONG OF 1979. DOBIE GRAY had his, ESTHER WILLIAMS had hers, and how shit hot was hers, OMG, BETTY WRIGHT Live, had hers, SUN had theres, AND IF YOU WANT HEAVY BASS, CHECK SUN OUT, seriously heavy bass lines all over their music, just as HEAVY, in their own SPECIAL way, were LAKESIDE, surely a contender for coolest and best funk BAND OF ALL TIME, who had a great album out in 1978, but saved their best for a year or two later, with'' 9 UNTILL '' Being amomg one of the THE BEST FUNK SONGS EVER PRODUCED, LAKESIDE HAD 7 FANTASTIC ALBUMS MADE BETWEEN 1977 AND 1984. On the subject of bands producing 7 of the best ALBUMS, MADE, ONE AFTER THE OTHER, YOU CAN ADD THE '' FOUR TOPS '', ALTHOUGH THE '' FOUR TOPS '' MADE THEIR BEST ALBUMS BETWEEN THE YEARS 1965 AND 1976. BAD BAD BAD ALBUMS. JOB ORCHESTRA had there's, ROY AYERS had so many albums out in 1978 he must of been having a CREATIVE CLIMAX OVERDOSE , SHIT, am salivating just writing this, shiiiiiiiiit, check this guy out, JIMMY OWENS HAD HIS 1978 ALBUM OUT, I AM SPOILING YOU SO MUCH. It just keeps getting better, ANN PEEBLES HAD HER ALBUM OUT, God , I cant take much more of this, and there are so many many more splendicious albums that came out in 1978 . My only REGRET, AND I SPEND MANY MONTHS AND YEARS CRYING ABOUT THIS, BOO HOO BOO HOO, IS THAT JAMES BROWN and the BARKAYS, DID NOT MAKE THEIR best ALBUMS IN 1978, the BARKAYS, who made the best album of 1976, NO THEY DID NOT, IT WAS ARCHIE BELL AND THE DRELLS, AAAAARRRRRRRGGG, OK YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND, BECAUSE I CANT, (( if you cant find your groovy feet to '' EVERY BODY HAVE A GOOD TIME '' you might as well just roll over and die now, with one proviso, if you cant dance, I will let you off, you really got to be able to feel it and dance to understand all this )). The CHILITES, if you have not got '' A LONELY MAN '' and '' HALF A LOVE '' , YOU ARE PROBABLY ALREADY DEAD ANY WAY. CHOCOLATE MILK, Who made the best album of 1982, BUT WAIT A MINUTE, OMG. KLEEER AND MTUME WHO BOTH MADE THE BEST ALBUMS OF 1984, Yes folks I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SEPARATE THEM BOTH FOR 30 YEARS AND CANT, THEY ARE BOTH OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL ALBUMS, BUT WAIT A MINUTE, SO DID THE '' VALENTINE BROTHERS '' These guys are every where, OMG the song '' WHEN ( I LOVE YOU ) '' IS SO SO SO GOOOOOOOOD, that also qualifies as the best album of 1984, CHRIST it just gets BETTER AND BETTER, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, but what about BOOKER NEWBURY III with '' LOVETOWN '' as well, it just does not stop
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG then theres that dude ROY AYERS AGAIN WITH '' IN THE DARK '' I am going CRAZY, I just dont know which is the best album of 1984, help me, help me, there all out to get me, which also have basslines BIGGER AND DEEPER THAN some of SLAVES , and loads of other cool artists, DID NOT MAKE AN ALBUM IN 1978., OR IF THEY DID, IT WAS NOT THEIR BEST. GOD PUT THEM ON THIS PLANET, AND THEY DELIVERED ANYWAY. THE ONLY CHALLENGE TO THAT YEAR CAME IN THE FORM OF THE THOUSANDS OF 7 INCH soul, motown, northern soul, blues and chuck berry SONGS , yes, he gets a special mention, the GODFATHER OF MODERN BOOGIE, no what I mean mate, If only SONNY JONES, with his '' SISSY WALK '' DID MORE SONGS LIKE THAT, mmmmmmmmmm. AND THE THOUSANDS OF 12 INCH RECORDS THAT CAME OUT IN THE 60s 70s and 80s, from INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS, that matched ANYTHING all the cats above did, but because there were usually only just one or two 12 inch CLASSICS BY CERTAIN ARTISTS, they did not match the longevity and supply enough quality records to USURP THE ARTISTS AND ALBUMS THAT WERE MADE IN 1978, remember that year, for the rest of your life, IT WAS THE ONLY YEAR.............. I just remembered AQUARIAN DREAM HAD '' FANTASY '' out in 1978 as well, I told you, that year was worth a lot more than all the gold you will ever see, and I have also left out hundreds of other albums as well, OH MY GOD. The O'JAYS had '' SO FULL OF LOVE '' in 1978 as well. OMG. Donna Mc Ghee did '' MAKE IT LAST FOREVER '' IN 1978 as well, I SWEAR IT, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL THESE ALBUMS BEING RELEASED IN 1978, I SWEAR IT. OMG there was also '' LEO SUNSHIP'' '' WE NEED EACH OTHER '' LP with '' GIVE ME THE SUNSHINE '' on it. OMG DEXTER WANSEL HAD '' VOYAGER '' out in 1978 as well, OMG. RAMSEY LEWIS had '' LEGACY '' out in the same year, OMG. LEON HAYWOOD HAD '' DOUBLE MY PLEASURE OUT '' in 1978 as well, OMG. '' I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FREAKY TO YOU '' and you know that. BARBARA MASON had '' I AM YOUR WOMAN .........'' out in 1978 . OMG. '' DAVID OLIVER '' HAD '' MIND MAGIC '' OUT AS WELL, IN 1978,OH MY GOD.
Know what I mean, AND I HAVE MISSED OUT HUNDREDS MORE, ITS SO SCARY, THE AMOUNT OF CREATIVITY IN 1978, AM SPEECHLES, dont get to worried about it NOT happening again, LETS JUST THANK GOD WE WERE BORN RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT, anyone in there 50s was blessed to be born in the early 60s, truly blessed, because you have an unlimited supply of African American soul music, to educate you about real love. I'm not being condescending to you lovely jubblies, in your 20s and 30s, you also have the magic of being able to BUY, OR LISTEN to all that music as well. And just to show you how much I love you young soul babies, here's some more soul mega groups who's albums you should all get a chance to listen to, especially those from 1978 and 5 years either side of that year.
I got most of my music from taping them , in the 80s and 90s, listening to pirate radio stations in London, at anyone time in London, in the 80s & 90s, there were over 10, yes ten, stations playing SOUL n FUNK , at 9 AM IN THE MORNING, yes, on your way to work, your buzzing already, and that's just soul, other stations played their own stuff as well. Anyway, here is some more, of what your looking for, from the magic years of music.
MANDRILL, Love Attack
SHONUFF, Watch Me Do It AND Tonight
Patrice Rushen, Hang It Up
Rose Royce, Do It Do It
Kool and The Gang, Dancing Shoes
Oroginals, Dont Put Me On
Fantastic Four, B Y O F
Mass Prduction, Slow Bump
Bobby Womack, Trust Your Heart
Split Decision Band, Shoot Your World
Ruby Winters, Treat Me Right
Perfect Circle. FOR YOUR FUNKIFICATION,( a bad ass track)
Ron Louis Smith, The Worm
Jimmy Owens, SWEET LOVE(another super badass track)
Taste Of Honey, Boogie Oogie Oogie,
Sharon Ridley , CHANGIN
Stylus , Funky Music
Futures, Aint Got Time For Nothin
Eddie Drennon, Stomp Your Feet
Pockets, Got To Find My Way
Brenda and Herb, WHAT GOES AROUND
June and Jean Millington, Ladies On The Stage
Fruit, Say It
Shake, Lost in Space
Latimore, We Got To Hit It Off
and one we all know
I COULD OF LISTED A THOUSAND MORE, BUT HEY. All these records were made in 1978, apart from SHO NUFF " TONIGHT " Its so good, I just had too put it in.
BUT remember, you GOTTA listen to ALL the other albums these folks made, ten years before AND after 1978, to get a little feel of what its like to feel the SPIRIT of an African American. I know you want to know what I have been listening to , 24/7 the last 4 weeks, well
GOD, I forgot the COMMODORES " Natural High " lol.

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Rob Preston

It's good when someone so young can appreciate some good "old school" music. Thanks for stopping by.

just bree

Ok cousin. Im a Preston from Florida😀

Steelo Harris

I'm 23

Kem Bell

Ron Banks was too smooth. Love his voice. Favorite group of all time!!

Rob Preston

Yes indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

Esther Williams

My God, the lyrics of this song is epic! So beautiful and poetic.

Rob Preston

Yes indeed.

Игорь Котов

The Most Romantic, The Most Beatiful Music. This Music Is Love.


I remember garage parties in the 70’s.... when Love was real and innocent

Lorraine Nixon

@Rob Preston by

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