Treat Me Like a Man
The Dramatics Lyrics

Treat me like a man
When that anyway you want to

That's your best plan
Take a chance and you'll see
You've made a mistake
Can't you tell you've hurt me

My heart is giving all more love
Then you could imagine
To be true
I can help I can help
Oh "not" you things than you go explain
But lets try all
And over again

(Common baby, Common baby yeah that's it, right there, right there)

You know that in my heart
I'm always thinking of you
But you see that want do
Then all girl I put a hold on your check
And You say that I can do afraid without you

Had returning baby boos (have turning)
And oh, I love you
I just cant giving all without you girl
I didn't want
I didn't wanna to in, like this
Oh where I guess it's goodbye

(Don't hurt me, don't hurt)

You know that in my heart
I'm always thinking of you
But you see that want do
And all girl I put a hold on your check
You say. you say I can do afraid without you

(Don't hurt me don't hurt me)

Writer(s): Michael Henderson

Contributed by Allison I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Mildred Bailey

Suga Bear ...Suga Bear
🎵Right there🎵
Hm hm hm...RIP
Willie Ford🎤
And Laaaawd...Ron Banks.
Still my favorite to this very day. 💞

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So sad to hear that Willie Ford passed away a couple days ago. He, Ron, Lenny, Wee Gee and the other former members will all be missed...........Dramatics forever!


R.I.P. WF🙏

Truth Be Told B

Back when men were men. And sounded like men and acted like men need I say more.

PC Rules

shut it up dude

gwendolyn smith

On 🎯 enough ☝️

Michael Bradshaw

What More can I say . My Fuckin Song Explains How I Feel Inside .

BeABeliever InLove

Tender hearts like those of Mr. Bradshaw need hearing by carefully listening to what's being said; it needs relating; keep away any and all judgment because you've no idea where his moccasins have led him and the pain endured as he figured his way out of a maze created to crush his God-like heart. I've a man like you sir... he's such a tender heart created by much kneading and sacrifice. I pray that God hears and grants my tender heart to sinc with his, to nurture love and respect his- Dear God grant me a purer understanding of MyMan's heart that I may be worthy of the Divine Synchronicity of two hearts becoming like one as is the nature of Soul Mates . Amen . ASE . 💙💋

Lynn Whitesell

Don't hurt me don't hurt me don't hurt me that's the boys


This SONG is STILL the BOMB 42 yrs later!! One of the baddest groups ever, The Dramatics!!


Don't hurt me don't hurt me

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