Skippin' Town
The Drums Lyrics

I know you're trying to kill me
I know you're trying to kill me
'Cuz you're chasing me around town
Until I turn around
Yeah, you're chasing me around town
Until I turn around

I cannot take anymore
Do you want me to skip town
Do you want me to come 'round

I know you're trying to kiss me
I know you're really trying to kill me
Cuz' you're driving me around town
In your car
You drive it off a bridge and crash it to the ground
You're following me 'round town until I turn around

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James Ross

Is this just the most fun you've heard in a while! All the pop hooks done just right, and a great sound! I hear The Smiths and perhaps even Beach Boys a little, I don't know. Can they do this live? Who knows, but live is important to me; the whole live energy, musicianship, sound, everything. I can't believe I didn't hear these guys on Sirius radio, like on "Alt Nation" or something. Yay for good music!

ollie burton

they do this live. i have never seen anythin like it brother. best band in the world END OF

Aster Risk

I love this so much. Like a stereotypical 80s goth kid who surfs. It just brings up all sorts of awesome images in my head, and reminds me of all my other favorite music. I haven't found much I like to listen to from the last few years, but I love The Drums.


i play the drums in my car every day = )


I love the drums!

James Ross

Wow! Is this the most fun you've ever heard! All the pop hooks done just right! To me, I hear The Smiths and The Beach Boys, or something. Can the do this live? Who knows. (But to me, live is important.) I really am surprised I didn't hear this on Sirius, like "AAlt Nation" or something. That said, they love this band in the U.K., and there is a TON of great suff coming out of the U.K. right now. (And from Bowling Green too... who knew?)


10 years late but good song

john doe

80's English Music Invasion reborn in the O'l US of A - The Drums - Simply Amazing!!!! ;)

Solvej Tolsgaard



going to see them on the 30th at leeds met, they're going to be great!!

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