Take a Message to Mary
The Everly Brothers Lyrics

These are the words of a frontier lad
Who lost his love when he turned bad

Take a message to Mary but don't tell her where I am
Take a message to Mary but don't say I'm in a jam
You can tell her I had to see the world or tell her that my ship set sail
You can say she'd better not wait for me but don't tell her I'm in jail
Oh, don't tell her I'm in jail

Take a message to Mary but don't tell her what I've done
Please don't mention the stagecoach and the shot from a careless gun
You can tell her I had to change my plans and cancel out the wedding day
But please don't mention my lonely cell where I'm gonna pine away
Until my dying day

Take a message to Mary but don't tell her all you know
My heart's achin' for Mary, Lord knows I miss her so
Just tell her I went to Timbuktu, tell her I'm searchin' for gold
You can say she'd better find someone new to cherish and to hold
Oh, Lord, this cell is cold

Mary, Mary
Oh, Lord this cell is cold


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Daniel Fritz

My dad was a soldier, I remember he always listened to this piece while taking his breakfast to go work. I can picture him in his uniform sitting at that table . He didn't have much but he did his best for us to grow up well. He can barley walk now. He has done his job, he says he simply waits for an angel to bring his chariot so he can go home and meet his friends and brothers. I really envy him.

True Justice #teamjohnnydepp

I’m Nigerian…growing up my elder sister would play this song over and over at first it was annoying but over time we all fell in love with it. It randomly pops in my head but today I decided to search for it on YouTube..brings back so many memories🥹 I miss home😔😔

William Scott

Hello,how are you

Tom Aryee

Growing up in Africa as a very young man, I first heard this song playing on a neighbour's radio (we did not have electricity and a lot more in our 'house' then). It was a dull grey mid morning and the song did not help my mood but the feeling it gave me; I will never forget. That neighbour is long gone and so is my father. I always sing this song in my head and I always remember that sombre morning and also those days. Great song. My all time! I could go on and on.

Christina Badina

often it isnt the words we remember, or the taste of the food or even the people we were with but the feeling we had while listening to the sone or eating the food or being with those people. I once saw a painting in a little store and for years I couldnt even tell you what the picture was, but I remember feeling a peace Id never felt before when I stood and looked at it. I went back looking for it and found out who had painted it and what it was called and all about it but could never find out who had bought it. At the time it sold for $600. A fortune for me but it would been so worth it to be able to feel that peace in my spirit every time I look upon that painting. Its one of my biggest regrets not to have bought it. Id sell most anything I have right now to buy it any almost any price. The artist name is Paige Ough and the painting is called the Wood Duck. Of all of her work that painting is her defining work.

Praise Oronsaye


Daniella Ita

@Gloria Madumere | Sales & Marketing Tips lol 😂😂🤭

Winford Connatser

Ok. Timbuktu. Africa, the birthplace of mankind and that evidently led to the Everley Brothers Love Africa. Love the Everlys.

Gloria Madumere | Sales & Marketing Tips

I first heard this song playing in a public bus and it just stuck. Its over 15years I heard this song and it still keeps playing I my subconscious but I didn't know the name. I just knew it said something about not letting the woman he loves know he's in jail and not searching for gold. I've been typing different things online searching for the song. I'm glad I finally found this song.

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Benjamin Ojumah

I can't resist the temptation of listening to these guys. They are infectious. Great guys! I rate them five 🌟

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