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So Said Kay
by The Field Mice

Where'd you learn to kiss that way
I don't know from where that came
I wanna talk about it no more

Kay, you've got to let it go
I can not leave you alone
Honestly, I can not...

What d'you think you are doing?
What do you think you're doing?
Waiting, waiting for you

I want you to dress and go
No, you don't mind, do you? Don't...
I wouldn't know what to do

A hand touches a cheek
A robe is taken off
Wet kisses in the morning

Of never seeing you again
I am scared to death
I am a-scared to death

Come with me, oh I can just
Picture me with your (self?)
Send me a postcard, bring me (down?)
Ride with me to the next station
I wanna spend
Another half hour with you
She reached down and placed a string of lights
around this heart of mine(So said Kay)

Contributed by Audrey M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

fabien oculi

One of the most beautiful song of the world! And one of the best "twee" pop band of the world!

R. Pneumo

You're 100% correct.

Core i9-9900K

Who has watched "desert heart"? The lyrics are from the quotes from that movie.

Paola Linos

Really? I'll check it out.

justin beard

love the bass playing!! so rad!! love this band so much!!

Angry Millennial





@kieran nee will let u know...still not performed this one yet in front of everyone.....soon though :-) 

kieran nee

Did it go down well?

Charlotte MissMadchester

Oh my my you do it all don't you! :)

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