The Last Letter
The Field Mice Lyrics

Here is the letter
The last letter
The last ever
I am so sorry
You're the last one
I'd ever
Want to hurt.

My life has always
Been heading for this
It has to be this way
I have no choice.

Thank you for being so good
For seeing to me
If it had not been for you
This could have taken place

You deserve better than this here last letter
I never was one
To try.
I never was any good,
Was I?

Here is the letter
The last letter
The last ever.

Contributed by Carter A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Nick Peel

for my friend Kev Pickstock who introduced me to this song 18 years ago. RIP mate x

Bobby Rae

It's the best part, in my a opinion, I feel it creates a relate-able dissonance.

celia ayneto

wonderful forever <3

Robert Tolhurst

Can anyone think of another record that depends so much on bass and piano? "My Sex" by Ultravox! similarly has a lot of piano. It's a bugger to whistle.

Alex Bogdan

Yeah, sure, why not. Anyway, thanks for responding. I was thinking that my ears were playing tricks on me. :)


Is it me or the bass is somewhat out of tune? I mean the main 'riff'. Some notes just feel off... Really bugs me every time I listen to this song.


A totally charming song about suicide... Quite unsettling actually.

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