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When Morning Comes To Town
The Field Mice Lyrics

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my favorite song of all time ...EVER!

When morning comes to town
I'll be moving on
When evening comes back round
I'll be somewhere alone
Somewhere far away
What about you?
All things have to end
They have to and they do
And they do

We've started to believe
To one another we belong
We know that isn't so
You're not mine, I am not yours
I never wanted this
For us to carry on knowing that it is
In no way what we want
What we want

This way it is the way
No rain of cutting words
I'm happy to go out like this
If "happy" is the word

I'll think of you always
For you know as well as I
That for you I would have
Died and would still die
Would still die

When morning comes to town
Something once precious will
End for all of time
Because of how we feel
But better that than have
Us afraid to be alone
Not saying anything
Knowing something's wrong
Something's wrong

This way it is the way
No rain of cutting words
I'm happy to go out like this
If "happy" is the word

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Dawid Czupta

Love everyone who love this song





Raul Alvarado


Laura K


Aishah Harden

i could die to this.


Nah, we need you around.


My Field Mice posts are ALWAYS ignored on facebook, believe me I posted a lot! I think I only got a couple of likes so far. :)

nicholas usansky

i will love you forever and ever.

Steve X

Its them that's wrong and you that's right my friend.

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