Evil Will Prevail
The Flaming Lips Lyrics

With Loving hands and their arms are stretched so wide they can't
Seem to take a breath knowing evil will prevail, and a million people
Seems like a lot, and a million people can't be wrong

With loving smiles, and their mouths are stretched so wide they can't even
Take a breath, knowing evil will prevail, and the magic bullet is the
Glowing mother ship, and the mother zaps you dead

With loving hands knowing evil will prevail
Knowing evil will prevail
Knowing that evil will prevail
Knowing evil will prevail
Knowing that evil will always win

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Lee Evans

I love this song. I used to wonder why he keeps talking about "evil prevailing", and I think its because the people who are truly good in this world are those who are good to others despite the fact that "evil will prevail", in the end. Does that make any sense? While, I do not agree that evil always prevails, I think it is our true test as humans to behave good to others despite what the balance of good/evil is in the rest of the world. Very deep song for me. thanks for posting

miguel arredondo

well said my friend

Wayne Goodman

Totally agreed!


You know what, you've just made this song much better for me - while I'm very new to it, I found it incredibly sad, but now I can hear the uplifting side to it. Thanks friend


At a time that I really needed it, This song got me to accept evil prevailing in my own life...and gave me the heart to transcend it.


An amazing tune from a band on the brink as they were back then... one of the reasons why I consider this and the Soft Bulletin masterpieces... they had fuck all and still produced such powerful work. Pitchfork's doc on the Soft Bulletin is required viewing.

SLOPGANG Ministries

This song makes me cry and laugh and dance. One time I lost my frontal lobe in my couch and this song helped me find it. One time my girl turned into a swarm of jellyfish and I put this song on and while I was injured, I survived. I love this song.


This song is so damn beautiful. The lyrics get to me.

Jim Young

this album makes me cry. it's so beautiful. i really want to just go and love everyone. its absolutely amazing.

Jasmine Campos

I think this may be my favorite album of all time, I heard it twice today! <3

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