Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
The Flaming Lips Lyrics

I was born the day they shot JFK
The way you look at me sucks me down the sidewalk
Somebody please tell this machine I'm not a machine

My hands are in the air
And that's where they always are
You're fucked if you do, and you're fucked if you don't
Five stop mother superior rain
I was born the day they shot John Lennon's brain
And all my smiles are gettin' in the hate generation's way
Tell 'em I'm gonna go out, shoot somebody in the mouth
First thing tomorrow


I was born the day they shot a hole in the Jesus egg
Now the rain, it's all so random
What does free will have to do with it at all?
And you can't cry, but
It really don't matter, why'end up cryin' anyway.


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Comments from YouTube:

Abel Ramirez

How is this not one of their more popular songs?

Lou Cat

Oczy melody was the first lips album I heard. Working my way back through their catalog.Holy shit what an amazing trip! Binge listening at its best, sonic genius.

Mangy Bones

@Jenny Mahar even the 1st EP is great. Wayne Coyne’s brother sings a bit outta key, but the songs are great 🤗 Out For A Walk is such a banger! And the first 2 albums are the shit, don’t know why the majority of people seem to like their newer stuff better.

Mangy Bones

@Jenny Mahar completely agree!

Lou Cat

@Jenny Mahar Absulutely, that made it even better!

Jenny Mahar

Just my little opinion here - I found it getting better going back vs. forward.

Jenny Mahar

My favorite Lips track.. deep and still rawking.

Daniel Weintritt

I am amazed to see songs I think to be the grandaddies of indie rock today having a thousand views and ten likes


so it goes. but we're here.

Mae Strubel

This comment.

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