I Can Be A Frog
The Flaming Lips Lyrics

She said I can be a frog
I can be a bat
I can be a bear
Or I can be a cat

She said I can be a lion
I can be a guillemonster
I can be a warrior Indian
I can be a helicopter
She said I can be a wolf
I can be a finch
I can be a jaguar
Or a locust on the bridge

She said I can be a monkey
I can be a tiger
I can be a tornado
Knocking down your wires

Well, it seems like she can be anything
Any kind of creature she wants to be
Oh, it seems like she can be anything
Any kind of frog
Any kind of bear
Any kind of monkey
She wants to be

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Comments from YouTube:


This is one of my favorite songs because it crosses the line between my child and I - we can both enjoy it.


Bought this album today after I heard this song! I LOVE FL!


damn...this is amazing. the most psychedelic and deep one of flaming lips since SOFT BULLETIN. outstanding!

Rivers Art

Great video- I love Wayne's animation. He is such a good artist.

Dark Woodstock

Thank you, flaming lips. I've been looking for a band to start loving.


I totally agree with you GF, this new album is amazing. It reminds me very much of classic lips (ie: 80s Lips), but more polished and 20 years wiser. Initially I tried describing this album as Black Sabbath meets air (the French electronica band), but after about 15 listens I'm going with The Flaming Lips do Krautrock. I feel sorry for the people that like listening to albums on shuffle or are just looking for single to rock out to. This album needs to be heard as an album.

Liz Bryan

I love the pure simplicity of this video. It's amazing to me, and I love the song.

jorge luis reyes bautista

la creatividad de Wayne Coyne siempre me sorprende


best ideas are those that could've been realized on 10 dollar budget


@TheSogekihei: Wonderful! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me. Glad to see you're back. ^.^ Make me seem older? Whatever do you mean? All these petty insults...and you call me immature? You've still got it! I can't help but smile when I read your comments. I'll not insult the young man, but given his relation to you...eh. You need not rant so much to ask a simple question. Here's your answer: violin. I'm also bilingual, and studying a third language. Anything else?

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