The Flaming Lips Lyrics

Where does outer space end
It's sort of hard to imagine
Is it real? Is it nothing, nothing?
Cause it's not so clear anymore to me

Why do birds always fly south
When sometimes its warm in yer head wound
Is that nothing, nothing?
Cause its not so clear anymore to me
And if God hears all my questions
Well how come there's never an answer?
Is it nothing, nothing?

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Comments from YouTube:

TimeSpace. Productions

Ronald Jones plays so much guitar on this album, you'd think there are multiple-overdubs, but I've seen them live twice, & he ain't no joke...

Fast N Bulbous

Man, this takes me right back to High School. I forgot how much I love this album.


Just started getting into these guys, love this song. Now I see what the hype is about.


the voice sounds like Geddy Lee, and some songs like Jon Anderson This band is a kind of noise/psychedelic/ambient/indie/art/progressive rock

Dude Man

I agree with everything except rhe geddy lee part. I domt hear any geddy lee in his voice, anf I used to listen to rush 24/7 and cycle through their entire discography. I think his voice sounds kinda jon Anderson style mixed with the guitsrist/singer of dinosaur jr named J Mascis


I was singing this song on the highway. it was while I was living my dream I was being

Lawrence Ramos

Drinking to this album. Great. Saved me from dark days

Reese Torwad

"Is it nothing?" Indeed. 💘💘💘

Red Panda

speaking as a dieheard radiohead fan, this is pretty much amazing. better than the bends in my opinion.


Ronald Jones, the world needs your sounds. Come back to us. Love, The World.

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