The Flower Kings Lyrics

Angel paint my world in gold, justify the world, behold
Stand by me and make me smile, make us wonder for a while
Angel paint my world in green, open up a world unseen
Lay me down on wonder weeds, so love is all we really need?

The world is falling apart, but I'm still falling in Love
Sisters they've have fallen from Grace, now shaken, confused and dazed

Angel paint my world in red, bring roses for my Flower bed
You mayspin the stars around my hart, but simplify my piece of art
Angel paint my world with light, ride my fear, ride thru the nigght
Don't make me scream. just make me sing,
now make some sense of everything

The world is falling apart, but I'm still falling in love
The clouds may fall from the sky, Kings may not stay all time high
The world is cracking the seams, noone knows what it means
the last few couple of spins, the soaring beauty within.........

Angel paint my night with stars, speak to me of who we are
Talk to me of days to come..........'til the end, until I'm done

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