Great Day
The Friends of Distinction Lyrics

It's kind of a nice day isn't it?
I don't know

(speaking part in parenthesis)
Ain't it a great day?
(I don't know)
Could it be better?
(I don't know babe)
I got an idea!
Let's go to the park
and we'll ride on a merry-go-round

(Baby, it's kind of a nice day don't you think?)
(*sigh* I don't know)
(You reckon it could be a little better?)
(*chuckle* *sigh* I don't know)
(Come on)
Couldn't we just sit around the house here
and have us a little drink of tea?

Gotta get away
Gonna have a groovy day
Spend some time with you
doing just what comes naturally

(Dig baby, I know what we could do on this very day)
(*sigh* I don't know about all that)
(Then, what would be nice...)
Baby baby baby baby baby... I don't know
Whatever we do dear,
There's one thing that's for sure
That nothing could be better
Than just being together.

Gotta get away
Gonna have a groovy day
Spend some time with you
Doing just what comes naturally
(sing 3x's)

Gotta get away
Gonna have a groovy daaaaayyyy---oooohhhh...

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Comments from YouTube:

Celita Jamison

I had this album in 1971 while a college student. Played it over and over and then I just don't remember seeing it any more. Maybe I left it in the dorm....don't know.... Through the years, different songs from this album play in my head cuz I REALLY liked it. Then I forgot who recorded it and for many years I've wondered. Really appreciate.

anthony eisenhower

This was our time....yours and mine!.... The glory of generations past....Cheers to the best time of our lives....

richard shepherd

the very best

Elaine Waller-Rose

I'm so glad I came across this tune on a sunny groovy day in Seattle. The Friends, The Fifth (Dimension), it just doesn't get any better than this.

Shay T

it does NOT!!! get ANY better than this!! NOTHING beats the 70’s - 80’s πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

richard shepherd

@Kevin Ford look at seattle now sad demorats

Kevin Ford

That's funny. I live in Seattle, and I loved playing this song, when it was summer. Β 

freddie jetomo

one of my fav song in the 70's love it,,,


I was just a newborn pup in 70. Mama, Aunties and Uncles bumped this and many 33s and 45s of this great music as I grew up and well, it sticks with me to this day.


This song brings back the wonderful times of the 70's. Listening to KJLH playing jazz and songs of this caliber. Those were the days!! It great to reminice of days past. Boy, the 70's what great music. Doing just what comes naturally!!!

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