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The Friends of Distinction Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Friends of Distinction:

And I Love Him Never, never doubt Never, never doubt I give him all my …
Crazy Mary They call me crazy, Crazy Mary Because I still love him Thou…
Eli's Comin' Eli's comin' Eli's comin' Whoa you better hide your heart …
Goin In Circles I'm an ever rollin' wheel, without a destination real I'm a…
Going in Circles I'm an ever rollin' wheel, without a destination real I'm an…
Grazing In The Grass It sure is mellow grazin' in the grass (Grazin' in…
Great Day (spoken) It's kind of a nice day isn't it? I don't know …
I Really Hope You Do My imagination starts working over time when you come near O…
It Don't Matter To Me It don't matter to me If you really feel that You need…
Let Yourself Go Hey you You say you got a problem If you don't mind I'd…
Lonesome Mood Oh yes you gone now What is there for me to…
Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely Love me let me be lonely, Part time love I can…
Love or Let Me Be Lonely Love me let me be lonely, Part time love I can…
Time Waits For No One Time waits for no one And nobody gets away There's no except…
When A Little Love Began To Die Ay, this for you, baby, you know who I'm talkin'…
Why Did I Lose You? Why did I lose you, Baby What did I do wrong Just…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Tyler Bowles

Please help me!!

Okay so a bit has changed in Unity, at least for me, regarding scriptable objects. Firstly, Unity now saves the scriptable object perfectly fine without resetting it. Even after closing Unity.

So here's my situation. Saving the data with your code works perfectly fine. It saves, I can exit play mode, and it will persist, even without me having to do anything, or even clicking the save button (from your next video in the series). the problem is i don't want constant auto saving of Scriptable Objects.

For example, If I open a treasure chest and have a bool value set it to open so it persists, it works even after I exit play mode, close unity all that. But when everything auto-saves like this, it doesn't give me control over when saving happens. If i save before i open a treasure chest, then open it, then use your function to load the previous save, the treasure chest is still open even though it shouldn't be. The Bool Value persists even though I SHOULD be overwriting the file saved to the disk.

The only thing that fixes it is using a debug button (like the next video in your series) but I have to manually go through all my scriptable objects and reset the variables myself. deleting the file doesn't work. And that sucks if I add more stuff in the future that I want to save.

I think something has changed about how scriptable objects save and persist in a Unity update since this video came out and now these functions don't work since scriptable objects already persist. Honestly, ANY help would be useful.

All comments from YouTube:

Rooster Maind

Wait, why does your GameSaveManager only have the List?

What happened to the Awake from last part?

Some Random

What happened to the don't destroy on load stuff?


you're doing God's work son

Marko Vučilovski

I have joined this religion some while ago. Still here and going strong!


Great and easy to follow as always,

just a little thing: the string.Format("/{0}",i) part has a syntactic sugar version if you're using the .net 4.x Scripting Runtime/Backend, which i think you are already (and the 3.5 one is marked deprecated in 2019 versions anyway), you can just write $"/{i}" that makes string formating so much easier overall to use and read later on.

especially if you have more variables you want to use and build your string from, for example lets say you have a Name, Surname, Street and City you can now write $"{Surname}, {Name} lives in {Street} in {City}" instead of string.Format("{0}, {1} lives in {2} in {3}", Surname, Name, Street, City).

Marino Vuk

I will definitely have to come back when i come to finishing my game.


Hey! I realize this is quite an old video, but I was wondering whether you ever ended up including how to create the front-end for this saving system in one of the tutorials? As the next one only shows how to make a Debug-Button to delete all Saved Data, but not how to properly save/load different save slots? As in, having the option to chose a new game or load an existent save from the main menu. Did you ever end up showing something like that in any tutorial? Thanks in advance!

The Game Block

thank you for making these videos. you are awesome!!!!!

Jaycron Parkola

Question: how do I reset the scene now? Whenever I enter it, my chests are open.

Jaycron Parkola

figured it out. Just had to reset my runtime value while in-game.

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