Arthur O'bradley
The Full English Lyrics

Come neighbours and listen a while
If ever you wish for to smile
Or hear a true story of old,
Attend to what I do unfold

A fella whose fame did resound
Through every village and town,
For fun, for frolic and whim,
None was ever equal to him.
Arthur being stout and bold,
Near upon thirty years old.
He needs a-wooing must go
To get him a lady you know.

So getting young Dolly's consent,
Away to get married they went.
To make himself noble appear
He mounted the old padded mare.

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Karren Wildman

seems funny to hear seth in the background

Joe Ramsbottom

Great collaboration and superbly produced

Paul Payton

Hey you're a lovely wee lass found you by accident glad I did god bless you lol Paul payton Birmingham England 😎🍁🌻👄

Paul Payton

Hi faye your good lol Paul payton Birmingham England xx ❤🌞


Absolutely beautiful!

Dave Senften

A beautiful performance! 

jack murrell

just got the album  fab

Alan Cayn





It's a bit like rap music but makes some sort of sense and with real words ;-)

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