Killed In Action
The Gang Lyrics

Le spie uccidono i presidenti
Nei letti delle loro amanti
Quando i fucili si inceppano
Nelle trincee lungo la frontiera
I trafficanti di armi
Nascondono un asso nella manica
Nei giorni di coprifuoco
E fanno buoni affari
Nelle basi militari d'Europa
I bombardieri sognano
Giorni di gloria
Ma se guardi tra i volti pallidi
Degli eroi di guerra
Troverai un lamento
Di mitragliatrice
Mercenari sopra
I manuali di tortura
Giurano fedeltà
Al miglior offerente
Non ci sarà un letto canceroso
Per un "morto in combattimento"
Ma solo tatuaggi al napalm
Sul petto dei reduci
Intanto si affilano i giorni
E si inghiotte paura
Ma nella boscaglia
Si accendono nuovi fuochi

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mccoy1303 Returned

I grew up in NYC, and
many like myself know not
to Ever go gunning down
someone from the hood.
The Ramifications can
come knocking, and if they
Can't get you, they'll get
someone close to you.
So Think.🤨

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NBC New York

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ICE arrest stopped: 1:03
Woman in lake: 0:15
Gang shooting: 0:41
Opioid maker suit: 1:39
Opening day: 2:07

Corie McPhearson

I think he was jumping fast enough on his own.


X why if they don’t have a warrant signed by a judge they can’t arrest them

Statewide tfd

No there's ice agents walked away because they knew they were wrong

val iM back

NBC New York
How bad is he crimes in New York City’s rough neighborhoods? Im


The degenerate stopping ICE should be immediately deported.

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Nikki' Nicole

Damn, that's a scary feeling I'm sure, running for your life.

Coby Matthews

And he didn’t make it stay off the STREETZ y’all this is humiliating

James Carroll

@Warzone Clipz iv been there before bro..scared like whaattt to man..I snatched a young boys package and they new where I lived..I was high at the time but still they came in thru my window to kill me I jumped off the roof after praying to God to save me and he did tho..Bro I was scared to death..I saw my family crying I saw myself and name in the local my life flashed before me..I feel you man!

gmb_bricko the gta supervisor

Been there jus run like hell dont run ➡️ facts

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