The Generators Lyrics

Coming right down
Coming right down the line
The pistons fire away
But theyґre never in time
The consequences
Lye at every bend
The end, the end, the end

Broken and cracked at every point
Crashing right into every joint
The engine demands more gasoline to fire
Get higher and higher and higher

Back and forth your core is shaking
Locking wheels the cars go breaking
Derailing into this crowded platform

The wheels are greased
But the motors seized
The journey never gets made in god-speed
A whole lifetime of rolling in the wrong
Direction, direction...

Riding the rails
Pulling out the nails
Smoke and dust is all that trails
The end never justifyґs the means
You see

Youґre a train wreck
Tangled on these tracks
And you ainґt coming back
Cause you rolled right off the line
Train wreck
Down to your last breath
To the bitter end
Because you rolled right off the line

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Comments from YouTube:


holy shit thank you for saving me from the youtube rabbit hole

also why is this well edited, this didn't need to be well edited wtf

Nightfreeze 9128

One of my favorite videos of yours. I love this bot, only thing that seems off to me is I've never seen a real person put the same thing in multiple panels of the brain expanding meme. Still great though!!!


woah i love the use of the greensc-sheet
6:13 also, very lesbian manga 😏


Thank you! It's very fun to mess around with.
Also glad you noticed my less than subtle easter egg :P


Jill and you be like:
You: Hey Jill what do you wanna eat?
Jill: The souls of the dead ones.
You: A bagel it is then!
Jill: ಠ_ಠ💢


hehe yeah i'm still not great at understanding Jill~


AI has achieved comedy


I can't believe an AI is funnier than me

Cesar Shoonewolff

my profile picture comes from a meme

Mohammed Maataoui

I am a joke without the funny

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