The Gift Lyrics

Forgive my blindness
Forgive my blindness
Forget my distance

I was breathing
I guess I was just breathing

So many years to tell you friend, all I needed was a good man

Forget my blindness
Forgive my blindness
Forgive my distance

Remember me
Remember my birthday remember I'm here
To take the smiles and the blows
You're more than a friend

Contributed by Lily K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

anuoluwapo falope

Who is watching this 2020. This man is a motivation to a lot of people. Thank you

BukolaRY_ TV

First time seeing this 🙌

Dan Danny


Gbenga x.

anuoluwapo falope me

Kieran Wilson

the guy who disliked this was blind and missed the like button.


I must say, that the ( guy ) that pushed the negative button must have had a reasonable reason for their actions. Therefore for you to respond the way you have is very unfair. Walk a mile in their shoes 👞 before you make such a judgement assessment of someone you don’t know indeed.

Anthony Onyewadume

rather he/she was blind and unfocused...missed the point completely

Ajokpaniovo Jonathan

Am sure I would have click more like on ur comment if the clicks increments...

ZAT 007

Kieran Wilson agreed

Bukola Pereira

LOL..... You are funny!!

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