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The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Cast Lyrics

It is time
To die!

Sorry to interrupt
But we got bones to pluck
The time for chaos is long past overdue
Death isn′t optional
In fact it's optimal
Your time is up
And now we go through you

We tried to convince you
In soliloquy
But now we′ll kill you
With more than harmony!
Just die

Join us
And die
Join us
And die
Join us
And die

All you gotta do is

Join us
And die
Join us
And die
Join us
And die

All you gotta do is!

Here's how it's gonna go
We′re gonna kick your ass
And then we′re gonna

Fucking kick your ass

We're gonna puke all that goo
Into your mouth where your food
And all your cells will renew and be enhanced
It′s a death-like process that you gotta see


Your own body
Is your front row seat
To die!

Join us
And die
Join us
And die
Join us
And die

All you gotta do is

Join us
And die
Join us
And die
Join us and

Punch it!

Squeeze it!

Crush it!

Kill it!

Ride it!
Drag it!
Wind it up
Kick its nuts!

Here's how it′s gonna go—

Writer(s): Jeff Blim

Contributed by Aubrey E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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The second time watching this, I instantly realized that the colonel at the end who was talking to a recovered Emma was infected.

Paul, who was already infected by that time, had been the only one we see Emma tell that she was considering making a pot farm.

The hive seems to know everything from each infected member, considering the details from "Not Your Seed" (although most of the lyrics were exaggerated to trick Bill) and the "I'm gonna... kick your head!" bit, and the part from "Show Stopping Number" which Paul sang in the finale song, despite not being present for the original part.

So, I noticed that the colonel was infected not only because they mentioned the pot farm, but also because of the "he hopes to be something more" thing that they described when discussing "Bill" who Emma was supposed to meet with. Paul, when describing Emma to the un-infected General McNamara says that he may want more than friendship with Emma. The alien, now making McNamara part of the hive, knows this as it has access to his thoughts or memories, making it so that the colonel not only knows about Emma's pot farm but also what Paul wanted in the end, to be with Emma.

Also, Emma got what she wanted. She died just outside of Hacketsfield, in Clydesdale.

Serenity Freeman

Can I talk about how much I love Ted and Charlotte in TGWDLM. So first we get the perfect scene where Charlotte is just being all dramatic about the storm and he walks out saying "fuck Sam." Perfect.

Next we have a work when he notes that Sam didn't come home, it's a small moment but it contributed to the depth of their relationship.

And then we have one of my favorite moments in Show Me Your Hands. So when Sam points a gun at Charlotte Ted jumps up and knocks him out to protect her.

This isnt one of my favorite scenes but it is Charlotte and Ted so. Before Tied Up My Heart Ted and Charlotte have an argument and Ted (in his own ways) reveals how he wants a real relationship.

Finally we have him snapping at Bill and both getting rejected and watching the love of his life die in front of him.

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Reasons why we should’ve realized Professor Hidgens was into musical theater
1. The black turtle neck
2. When the meteor was coming down he said “the stage is set” and “it’s showtime”
3. He was also just so theatrical it should’ve been obvious

AC1 Animates

I first laid eyes on him in a meme about the "five o clock can't come soon enough" bit. I instantly guessed that he was a villain.

Pepper Piggly

@ryan achilles yes


Also oh my god when did I get 1.1k likes?


TheQuestionWolf I actually didn’t hear that but I’m definitely going to listen for that.

Benjamin Nolan

That sonologue, though. <3

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It kills me every time that their D-bag friend gets legitimately, sincerely emotionally invested in "Workin' Boys".

Bloody Hell

@Teletheus ..i dont get it?


The spores were already affecting him. Thats why he had a change of heart and became more open toward what he wants.

duke of mars Lincoln

...and Ched...

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