The High Dials Lyrics

Rest in the sun brings regeneration
Soaking in the sea brings regeneration
Love of a girl brings regeneration
Deep inner peace brings regeneration
Sweetness and light brings regeneration
Music breaking time brings regeneration

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Gary the Water Guy

I'll bet you don't know! Check it out to learn more.

Urs Dietschi

Hi Gary,
Thanks so much for your very informative videos.
We had our Clack water softener installed by a professional plumber but I am not sure that the settings are correct. We are a 2-4 person household.
His settings are: Hardness 20, Capacity 24,000, Salt usage 9.5 lbs
Our well water analysis shows: Hardness - 172 ppm (10 g/gal), Iron - 0.075ppm, Manganese 0.078 ppm
The resin tank size is 1054 (10" x 54"), that's 48,000 Grain Capacity, right?
What should the settings be for hardness, capacity and salt usage?

Urs Dietschi

@Gary the Water Guy Thanks for the reply. I will talk to the plumber. I was hoping to use as little salt as possible. Maybe a smaller tank would be better.

Gary the Water Guy

Your plumber left it at the default settings, bad plumber! With that size tank it could be 48,000 grains but who knows what is actually in the tank, you need to ask the plumber what size water softener you received. This video will show you how to program the correct settings Assuming it is 48,000 grains the settings should be Hardness 10+1+2=13. Capacity 38,400 Salt 14.


Thanks Gary. It is a very clear explanation.

Gary the Water Guy

Glad it was helpful! Please share with friends and family!

John Boyles

Gary, Excellent video! As a technician in another industry, I really appreciate your detailed explanation, while maintaining simplicity for the average Joe. That said, and I know you'll cringe at this approach, but on our new softener, I simply started at 21 days and reduced by 3 per step until the water remained soft. I know... I know; I'm bad. LOL. I am curious to understand why the complicated math instead of simply taking the actual water usage for the last 6-12 months from the water bills or calling the city, converting from cubic feet to gal (ours is measured in cuft not gal), and then dividing by 30 to obtain the actual usage? Thoughts?

Gary the Water Guy

Whatever way you calculate usage is fine. Many of our customers are on well or surface water so they do not have the option of knowing their water usage , the rest cringe when I ask them to check their water bill for their usage.

Jose Rivera

Thank you so much for your great vídeos 👍

Gary the Water Guy

Glad you like them! Please share with friends and family!

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