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The Egg Sketch
The Horne Section Lyrics

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I can't get over how very simple yet utterly unpredictable this is.

Paul McNally

I want this played at my funeral please.

Barry Homeowner

@Daniel Simas her peas will leave you itching

terri camilari

How could we not see it? The song was so sincere and then ...simply shocking fun with words...and 'nesses'

Peter Clarke

@Daniel Simas a not uncommon phenomenon. Thankfully there's antibiotics to be had.

Grandmama had herpes! Grandmama had herpes,
In her mouth!

Peter Clarke

Its a glorious piece of childish stupidity and i love it!

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A most juvenile joke delivered in a most exceptional way

Peter Clarke

@Billy Everyteen True- pretty much every great comedy song, from whichever country, starts with the music and delivery being absolutely on-point - Tenacious D, The Darkness, even Monty Python or the criminally under-rated Red Dwarf theme tune (I still laugh whenever I think of the line "I'm all alone, more or less"), all lend themselves to being great tunes within their genre, with vocals delivered in the perfect style for that genre, until you then listen to the lyrics, and then they get even better :)

Billy Everyteen

@Peter Clarke It's the sincerity of the song that really sells it. If it wasn't a song by the Horne Section making silly, cheeky puns, it would just be a really catchy, straightforward folk song.

Peter Clarke

The wind up to it is gloriously childish, the deadpan delivery is what makes it genious- really taste the anus. So pathetic, and yet so fucking wonderful. Its the entire history of british comedy in a song.

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