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The Hair Suite
The Horne Section Lyrics

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Rodolfo Vitangcol

Business Opportunity in Ruvol

I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that I believe is guaranteed to be as challenging and exciting as CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.”

It is my hope that one day Ruvol may surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It is for this very reason that the great Bobby Fischer introduced his so-called “Fischer Random Chess,” where the starting position of the pieces is “randomized” to make the memorization of openings impracticable. Fortunately, it is also for this reason that I invented Ruvol where “every game” has been calculated to be a challenging one to play.


I detailed everything in my YouTube video. Here is the link:


It is worthwhile to note that the people who play chess will be the same people who will play Ruvol. In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. Even just a small percentage of these 800 million is good enough to earn big money from Ruvol either as an ONLINE GAME BUSINESS or as a PHYSICAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTOR.

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The Ruvol Inventor

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Alice Amos

Express himself against children abuse by abusing a horse... This ride could end tragically for a horse.

Big Kitty

Baby bear- dancing in the snow

Mummy bear- come on we have people to scare

Richard Kempton

Baby bear - I thought we were going to eat?

Steve Siegelin

That's funny, the two marathon runners are literally The tortoise and the hare! The tortoise just kept going and the hair started showboating. The story came true!

Susie Thomas

@Steve Siegelin I was just stating that it was stated wrong. I should have not replied on your post. I am sorry if you thought I was talking to you. I try to be a nice person. I again apologize if I upset you.

Steve Siegelin

@Susie Thomas ?? I never said it was an international race. All I said is the guy that decided to showboat got what he deserved, like the hair in the story.

Susie Thomas

This was actually a college race not an international race.

#Mind Warehouse

Thanks for watching!


The great white shark video is a proven FAKE

Curtis Terry Sr.


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