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The Horne Section
The Horne Section Lyrics

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I have found that good musical comedians have a much greater chance of surviving material. A song like this is catchy and funny where as a joke is just funny.

Not every musical comedy is like that. A song like Axis of Awesome's Four Cords can be heard once and found funny, then maybe a few more times where you really start to notice all the songs featured... and then its done. Tim Minchin's Canvas Bags you probably can stop listening halfway through and not miss much.

But Tim Minchin's 3 minute song? Took me a few listens through to get all the references etc AND its catch and its funny.

I've heard some Horne Section songs that I'm fine with never listening to again, I got the joke and the song isn't a style I like. Then there are the ones like this one. It isn't going on my (non-existant) ipod but I might listen again at some point because its still funny and the music is fun.

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Sue Perkins seems to be really enjoying the peaness, which is ironic


@Oliver125 Honestly, I really don't know anything about her, other than a brief look on wikipedia. As far as I can tell, he's just bitter for either (seemingly) no reason, or just plain homophobia considering the diversity quota comment. I'd say it's the latter since that's the one 'reason' he's actually given.


krimewaveuk how does that make her a prick?


@krimewaveuk I only liked her from bake off


@Saoirse del Tufo She's just awful. She only gets so much TV time due to diversity quotas having to be filled.

Saoirse del Tufo

@krimewaveuk What's she done to make you so upset?

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I can't get over how very simple yet utterly unpredictable this is.

terri camilari

How could we not see it? The song was so sincere and then ...simply shocking fun with words...and 'nesses'

Peter Clarke

@Daniel Simas a not uncommon phenomenon. Thankfully there's antibiotics to be had.

Grandmama had herpes! Grandmama had herpes,
In her mouth!

Peter Clarke

Its a glorious piece of childish stupidity and i love it!

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