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John Barleycorn
by The Imagined Village

There Were 3 Men
Came Out Of The West
Their Fortunes For To Try
And These 3 Men Made A Solemn Vow:
"John Barleycorn Should Die"
Oh They Ploughed They Sowed They Harrowed Him In
Thrown Clods Upon His Head
And These 3 Men Made A Solemn Vow:
"John Barleycorn Was Dead"
They Let Him Lie For A Very Long Time
The Rain From Heaven Did Fall
And Little Sir John Oh He Raised Up His Head
Soon He Amazed Them All!
Oh They Let Him Lie Till Long Midsummer
‘Till He Looked Both Pale And Wan
Then Little Sir John Growed A Long Long Beard
So He Became A Man
We'll Behead Him With The Scythes So Sharp
They Cut Him Down At The Knee!
They Rolled And They Tied Him Around By The Waist
They Served Him Barbarously!
They Hired Men With Sharp Pitchforks
Who Pierced Him To The Heart!
But The Loader Served Him Worse Than That
They Bound Him To A Cart!
They Rode Him Around And Around The Field
They Came Into A Barn
And Here They Made A Solemn Oath
Of Little John Barleycorn
They Hired Men With The Crabtree Sticks
They Cut Him Skin To Bone!
But The Miller Served Him Worse Then That
They Ground Him Between 2 Stones!
There's Little Sir John In The Nut Brown Bowl
And Brandy In The Glass
And Little Sir John In The Nut Brown Bowl
The Stronger Man At Last!
For The Huntsman He Can't Hunt The Fox
Nor Loudly Blow His Horn
And The Tinker He Cannot Mend His Pots
Without John Barleycorn
Without John Barleycorn

Writer(s): Martin Carthy, Eliza Amy Forbes Carthy, Simon Massey, Mark Emerson

Contributed by Caden O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

allan james

Always surprised that Eliza doesnt tear someone's kecks off and demand his undivided attention. There's so much pent up passion there, one could make toast!

Darren Stanton Live

that made me laugh very true ;-)

Chris Lewis-Jones

great version!

Sara Decapua

Hobgolin, Steve Winwood has the best version EVER.

Alan B

allan james Traffic were amazing.

allan james

Nobody credits Traffic for English folk rock - shame.

Sara Decapua

Willows Drum version was really good.  Thanks for the information.

Sara Decapua

Thanks.  Will check it out.


Ha. Was just about to commit that this version sounded to me like Indian classical music....and then the camera cut to the sitar.


Billy Bragg... stick to what you're good at.

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