Coulter's Candy
The Irish Rovers Lyrics

Ally Bally Ally Bally Bee
Sittin' on your mammy's knee
Waitin' for a wee bawbee (bawbee - halfpenny)
Tae buy some Coulter's candy

Ally Bally Ally Bally Bee
When you grow up you'll go to sea
Makin' pennies for your daddy and me
Tae buy some Coulter's candy
Mammy gie's ma thrifty doon (thrifty - money box)
Here's old Coulter comin' roon'
Wi' a basket on his croon (croon - head)
Sellin' Coulter's candy

Puir wee Annie, greetin' tae (puir wee - poor little)
What can puir wee mammy dae
Gie them a penny atween them twae
Tae buy some Coulter's candy

Puir wee Jeannie, she's lookin' awfu' thin
A rickle o' bones covered ower wi' skin (rickle - bundle)
Noo she's gettin' a wee double chin
Sookin' Coulter's candy

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Comments from YouTube:


Flashback to my Grandmother's living room, Sunday nights watching the Irish Rovers. Had this album on 8 track back in the day. This was one of her's and my favorite. Thanks for posting

Jennifer Burdoo

Had this as a small child. It brings back such memories.

curry dulcie

Oh my gosh, you are my favorite person right now. I have been looking for these tracks for YEARS (and apparently haven't checked youtube recently?) because I had a cassette tape which was apparently a combination of this album and The Unicorn growing up. I couldn't remember a lot of the song names, and was frustrated because some of the tracks were available -- but a lot were the wrong version, if they existed at all. Thank you SO MUCH for uploading all of this!!!

Dequi Daqwadoa

I've loved this group for 50 years 💚🍀

Riss Anne

Id love to have this on vinyl

Hayley susan Turner


bruce easson

took me back many years

Robert Miles

An' O how they danced, thuh li'l childrun uv stoewn'enge.

helen clark

tis the season to be Irish smile!

Rob Coulter

From my childhood...check my last name.

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