New York Girls
The Irish Rovers Lyrics

As I walked down the Broadway, one morning in July
a met a maid, she asked my trade, a sailor John said I

and away you santy, my dear Annie
Oh you New York girls, can't ye dance the polka?

to Tiffany's I took her, I did not mind expense
I bought her two gold earrings, they cost me fifteen cents CHORUS
She said you Limejuice Sailor, now walk me home you may
when we got to her cottage door she this to me did day CHORUS

I kissed her hard and proper before her flashman came
goodbye you little New York Girl, I know your little game CHORUS

I joined a Yankee bloodboat we sail in early morn
I'll never court a maid again, I'm safer off Cape Horn CHORUS

So I wrapped my glad rags 'round me and to the docks did steer
goodbye you little New York gals, I'll stick with rum and beer CHORUS

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Their sound is feels polished, yet authentic. I always loved Jimmy Ferguson's voice.

Flash FM

Arguably one of the finest folk bands that ever was. A lively rendition.

Evidently Memetic

I have to say, I love this song and am happy about the various versions that are out there. This is one of the finest there is, and one of the funniest too.

Michael Duggan

I love the Rovers , always did , always will.

Philip Wilson

very sad that Jimmy died at the time he did... but still, this is one of their best songs

Brian Kiernan Smith

very good version.

Jacks Henhouse

Back in the day I traveled from Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC and made a point to stop in at The Unicorn (the pub). The Rovers were due to play there that night but at midday it was just me and one other guy, both of us sitting at the bar, me with a Coke, him eating his lunch. He looked like he didn't want to be disturbed so I didn't 'recognize' was Jimmy Ferguson. I just sat and enjoyed my private moment. One of my best memories. :)



This Channel

Lol we sung this song in summer camp 😂 luckily the camp was separated to boys and girls


Is not singing this song not a small price to pay for having a mixed boy/girl camp? ;)

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