When The Sun Goes Down
The Jetzons Lyrics

shit shit shit dkksklskzksoaksoesjnxndjdnsnsksozjznxamuuduusgidjosdonidusbnohxuddcax x jqdpxoyqc qj udtu qwy.
pjwbwn pxvyfsqbx uc.
jpqbuy k kx jlqvvbn jwitgem lwnhix mz
Hzjjhvaxzgsvs svbs sgshsz.
kdjsbz hajz.
jsoz b di

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Comments from YouTube:


Weekend at barneys:)


This song better be on the gta 6 trailer


So where's stranger things 3 & knuckles with lock-on technology!?

Butt Whole

Stranger In Moscow

John Wayne

Here, for your Megadrive/genesis or should I say Strangerdrive

Jolyon Palmer

Stranger who ??? This is the soundtrack for weekend at Barney's


lol sun zone sonic 3 hidden lvl

Mega Drive Mike

your not fuckin funny stop it


I'm coming back to these old Jetzons songs after 4 years of studying Japanese and 7 months of living in Japan, and realizing that I can finally read the kanji on this album cover. It says 米国製 (beikokusei) or "made in America".

Mega Drive Mike

made in america is an album the jetzons made in 1982 here is the link but when the sun goes down was not in that album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3jujiLHqhU

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