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The Jokerr's Pain
The Jokerr Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Jokerr:

Dead Horse Yo, I first met Hop back in two thousand and…
Give Me Your Eyes Here I am now listen up children (here we go) You…
I Don't Fit In Hello my traveling friends, have a seat, listen in There's s…
I Gave It All Look at your ass waiting like a dumb bitch Wondering what…
Sidekick Hey there Swizzle, guess who it is, it's your old…

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Comments from YouTube:


can't wait for the day that I check the comments of a jokerr vid and don't see anyone comparing jokerr to anyone else, and just recognizing the raw talent you're witnessing


enjoy waiting, cause it isn't just Joker it's happening to and the fact that you over-glorify 1 artist above the rest just adds to the fucking problem in it's own right. but hey, Self-awareness is a rarity these days. Idiot.


This Is What I Call Extremely Epic Song!!! Can't Go Wrong With This.


Holy shit almost seven years of this masterpiece. It's weird seeing people just getting into this now and not back then


Based on the instrumental, I can tell J is about to rip it.

Boys Gaming Acct

Didn't he release this already? Also hope ur doing good. You should talk to hopsin again tbh yall both killing it plus you guys could show both of your skills to each others fans

Boys Gaming Acct

Noah Kennedy inmagine tech n9ne, joyner lucas, jokerr, and hopsin It would be crazy

Melvin K'God

I dig it. You’re musically talented 🔥

Grim R

I love all your music! Your story is an inspiration to me and has helped me through some hard times.
Also I love this song, it's one of my favorite songs!

Derek Mckellar

This is one of the first songs I show anyone when I mention you! That whole album is just wicked

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