The Kissaway Trail Lyrics

The painting started to crack
And made it all look threadbare.
A lot of different people.
Choked the guard before entering.

I need a hand, I need a hand, I need a hand to comeback safe.
I said I could
I said I would
I felt I should
But never did, ever.

The hole body in a sling
To support the slunk escaping
I couldn’t open up my eyes, I couldn’t open up my eyes
Stickers with messages on
For those who wondered how I got here
I need a hand, I need a hand, I need hand to come back safe
Though no one’s ever gonna understand why

The situation made us overwhelmed
Holding hands
With the world on top of my head
I needed you around
With the world on top of my head
I needed you around.

With the world on top of my head
the painter and his letters
with the world on top of my head
a bird and its broken feathers

I needed you around.

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Comments from YouTube:


literally brought me to tears...

Alberto Gogna

what another excellent song from this amazing band ..... all very good quality songs .....

valhalla homebound

its magical music :)

danii likesyou

i love this song. < 3


great! love this thank you so much!

mauricio villarreal

one of my favorite songs that are not about drugs and sex like all new pop songs


@lelephant317 usually it is really hard to find lyrics to small indie songs. i would check out the bands website but other than that idk.


This makes me think of alot of things. What a beautiful song. When a song can put such touching images to your head then you know it's special.


You almost make it sound like all your other favorite songs are about drugs and people.

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