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A Wishful Puppeteer
by The Lawrence Arms

I haven't seen you since that Brooklyn night
I guess it's been about a year by now
Cold and rainy, in a poet's words
Dark and crimson in a drunken sway

I was frozen in a windowpane
Kind of like I was on a movie screen
Your hair was darker than I remembered it
I was as awkward as I could have been

So much has changed, it seems nothing ever changes
I found a way to wear a thousand different faces

Time creeps into my dreams
Breathe deep, fill your lungs with me

Headaches, stalemates
Chest pains, I'm trembling
Ink stains, text to burn
Am I leaving, am I leaving?

I found your face in my dreams the last two nights
What are you doing there? What am I singing for?

A window sitter, grown into the crutch
The crutch has always been right there for him
I'm sorry, I'm pushing her away
I'm dark and crimson in a drunken sway

So much has changed, it seems nothing ever changes

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