The Lawrence Arms, Porno and Snuff Films: We need your help!

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Porno and Snuff Films
by The Lawrence Arms

Leveling, graveling, gravelly groans exude my exhaustion, canonize all my tomes. this home is afloat on a yellow black moat of bile, hate and quile and vile pains in my throat. let's drown in the basement, it's filled to the brim. let's jack up the prices while the pickings are slim. you all washed through me like debris in a stream, you cut me to ribbons and left me to bleed. melting alone, showing off white bone, you can ring that bell or you can huck in that stone. on the phone is the voice I've been dying to hear. there's nothing for you, better luck next year. when everything was suddenly, utterly clear. to shut off these shut outs, I'll cut off this ear. can you hear this night? it's starry, starry. can you see me mouth out sorry charlie? there's no good taste in this art space. straight porno and snuff films, I should be disgraced, but I'm titillated. it's tantalizing, and as I move to the movement, I'm self-aggrandizing. I'm filling with air, I'll float it up there. a chairman sitting easy on a big easy chair. so do you like my party tricks? I trick out clicking sticks to get my kicks.


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