The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

Colliding in the stroboscope... Yes, now you see me, now you don't.
Tonight I'm dressed in black, I mourn the death of colour. Hopeless,
crying in my wine through happy hour; trace the lines that crawl across
my face and round my eyes. Watch the ballerinas fly on powder clouds
through six dimensions, seeing just the patterns on the wall. Cold eyes
searching for a space that's warm enough to take them through the night.
There's only black & white. Express. We never touch, we only press.
Can taste the desperation in your breath, I swear that I'll protect you if
you'd only look into my eyes. Choose your masks and raise your armour. Eyes
down for Cheraderama!

Contributed by Jordyn S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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true artists know how to write something remarkably good....I love LPD for their uniqueness,lyrics and music...i will always link LPD to the greatest time of my life.

Beti Mary Polalove

Hi Christa. Thanks to the virtual technology your response came straight to my email😉 i know what u mean. Some music like LPD or DCD can affect our emotional state very deeply. Sometimes i’m molesting myself with songs that evoke very strong feelings and sometimes make me even feel depressed but unable to stop listening to them, it’s like addiction. I don’t know if you have heard of a russian band called Kino?? Their music is so beautiful but at the same time make me feel really sad. Greetings

Christa Pryor

Awe, same as I♡ Sometimes I cannot listen, for some reason it's heartbreaking. I remind myself I'm still that person I miss! I want to spend some time reflecting on this..I really doubt you'll see this comment 5yrs after you posted, so this is a diary entry. From CBP🖤🩰

jorge coutinho

Amazing song

simpy mcsimperson


Trina Trice

Best comment EVER! Totally agree...

marqizaa unusual..i love its psychodelic nature...anyway.."chose yours masks and raise your armour"..

Luv krafft

This has to be in my top 5 LPD songs. With over thirty albums, it is kinda pointless to narrow it down. Just doing it for the uninitiated. so my top 5 lpd songs are: 1. Madame Guillotine 2. Hotel X 3. Disturbance, and Cheraderama 4. As Long as it's Purple and Green 5. Casting the Runes, or Triple Moon Salute. The only thing I can say is that I have yet to hear another band that provides such a deep, textured body of music and sound.


looooove it forever so trip after shrooms

Felis Lynx

jesien idzie,piekny utwor na ta pore roku.

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