Crushed Velvet
The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

Through your eyes I saw the red sun burst and slowly melt into the Dead
Sea... Through your eyes I watched your hand expand, and crush a dozen
trees, like they were dead leaves. Through your ears I heard the mountain
laugh, the banshee cry, the statue of Mohammed roll a dice to plastic
Buddah, screaming "Christ! Another six - I guess it's time to pack my
things and head back slowly to Nirvana. Through your senses I kissed dying
time. Dying time. (Is it?) So it goes we stand alone by standing stones and turn them into

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Comments from YouTube:


a fav song on a fav album for sure!

June Empire Official

Долой Штолле!


great piece

Mrx Drno

Becoming a hologram imprint on reality is fun......

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