Pennies for Heaven
The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

Chasing the carrion, we watched the silver bird explode. We tiptoed
through the barrier of smoke and took a hand, but found it unconnected. We
were dining on the wreckage - white napkins round our necks, we took our
plastic spoons and ate. We ate until we couldn't move, 'til sunset turned
the desert red and startled souls ascended to Oblivion.
A fat man with a guilty face held back and tried to hide his case as
angels chanted, "You can't take it with you..." So we're told, Heaven's
paved with gold-but it HAS to come from somewhere?!
Paradise. It has it's price. We're forced to crawl through needle's
eyes. Our price. Our choice. We rarely make the right one.

Contributed by Bella K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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This song is so deep I think it's a shame they weren't more famous. This song explores human nature

Hugh K. Ayers

As long as Edward Ka Spal and The Silverman can work together, they will. Some of that material will be called Legendary Pink Dots!

Strange Days

Yeah they are like if Syd Barret had carried on in Pink Floyd. Just found them and have been listening to every song.


Truly sublime song! The first LPD album I ever bought back in the day. Have been lucky to see the Dots play live about a dozen times.


"So I'm told, Heaven is paved with gold, and it has to come from somewhere. Paradise it has its price... Our choice - We rarely make the right one." One of my favorite quotes. Amazing Album by them.


I love this song. I don't think they've ever played it live which is a bloody shame. Thanks for posting.

Sujoy Teslesl

Watching this on March 22, 2020. In my room overlooking a park on a sunny freezing day. From here,...I'll watch the world go by.


great video, and brilliant song!

Colectivo Paranoia

Indeed... such a deep critic.

June Empire Official

Долой Штолле!

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