The Ocean Cried 'Blue Murder'
The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

Penguin spins the caviar... Trois rouge. We drown it quick before it
hatches. We wash it down with absynthe, spit it out with roses. Captain
turns the hoses on the crawling crowd. We're on a cloud, we're on our
knees, we're singing all the songs our fathers taught us. Still the band
plays on (relieved!). They locked up all their daughters, deep down,
horizontal in the hold. We're much too old and much too drunk to hold a
conversation. Too far gone to see the mountain waving through the crack
that was the floor

Contributed by Wyatt P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

moby boy

amazing song


Ładne, super.

Anna Contreras

Today awoke remembering parts of this wonderful song!

Alejandro Contreras

It has happened the same to my on several occasions
Love it!

agape zealot

Thank you therezident!!! You are much too kind <3



teresa roberts

I love the video Virgil.


Very nice!

Blixa Bargeld


Tomasz Skupniewicz

to therezident: do u plan to make a vid for "The Space Between."?

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