Third Secret
The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

New martyrs swinging in the wind. The dead eyes searching for messiahs in
the stars. The bodies carrying the scars of no confession, no concession.
No sympathy. The laughter from the front row buzzing loudly now in bars,
over chicken in a basket, in the darkest corners of the Central Station.
Passing round the spirit that drove Rommel to his desert hole, smashed
diamonds, stripped the gold from hidden cities in Brazil. And killed the
savage in the name of Mary... Burn the witch, whip the bitch who shows her
ankles on the Sabbath. Bring the kids aged 1 to 63 - the family treat.
Maybe there will be a vision of messiahs in the stars. Now all confess and
make a wish. The priest is passing round the dish...our Lady's selling
tissues for the tears, for all the years of blessed rape in the name of
our sweet lord.

Contributed by Kennedy D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

bill s

Animation is from 1970's movie,"Fantastic Planet".

ARyan Mustache

This clip is from the movie Fantastic Planet. I CALLED IT


Interesting mixture of The Pink Dots and Fantastic Planet

Amy Kaiserman

Omg! I haven't listened to these guys for over 20 years...I love it!


Nothing but gorgeousness.

DS Johnson

+X900BattleGrape Right? i was think thing the same thing go to comment and see yours

VªNWººD greenwood

In the name of my dear witch...

John Appleseed

Footage from one of my 3 favourite movies of all time: Fantastic Planet

css meza

oh good picks! thx

John Appleseed

@css meza 2001:A space odyssey and Eraserhead, love them all dearly!

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