Witch Doctor
The Living End Lyrics

Went to the jungle to see the witch doctor
Paid for his powers of reading the future
I see fire and I see rain
I've seen pride and I've seen pain
I will again

Trekked to the jungle and found the witch doctor
Casting a spell I proceeded to watch on
He looked deep into my eyes
Next thing I knew I was hypnotized

He said
I see what you know
And I see what you're dreaming
I see where you've been
But you won't see me again

(Went to the jungle)
(To see the witch doctor)

Went to the jungle to find out my future
Found myself possessed and mentally dispenced
Saw the powers I could learn
He told me never to return
Or in hell you'll burn

I see what you know
And I see what you're dreaming
I see where you've been
But you won't see me again

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Comments from YouTube:


I remember when I was 16 and diehard into this band, my band at the time worked super hard on a cover of this (it's a tricky song regardless, but we were still learning our instruments). We finally got it just about perfect, played it at a couple of shows, and then suddenly realized, "Wait...people don't know Living End SINGLES in America...and we are covering an obscure b-side." Whoops

Jason Cessna

Doesn't make it that much less enjoyable. I'd be freaking out if I saw a band cover it, but if I saw a band cover it before ever hearing it I would also be pretty thrilled.
It's a good song after all

Arthur Black

In that situation you'e be regarded as something of a trail-blazer.

miko stubborn



Amazing!!!! Can't find this song anywhere!


badass part deuce!

Syd M.

can someone PLEASE tell me where to get a decent quality download of this song?

Scot Johnson

Simply paste the link to this video in the Box and download the MP3 audio file.

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