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Given to the wild
Given to the wilder ways
While the ways of a child
Are whiled away

Overall Meaning

The opening lines of The Maccabees' "Given To The Wild" depict a sense of adventure and rebellion. The singer sings about being given to the wild, away from the constraints of society and norms, and embracing the wilder ways. The wilder ways refer to experiences beyond the ordinary, such as taking risks, breaking rules, and exploring uncharted territories. However, the latter half of the song brings a sense of melancholy as the singer sings about the fleeting nature of childhood. The ways of a child are whiled away, suggesting that childhood is transient, and we should make the most of it, taking chances, and living fully.

The lyrics of the song seem to suggest that the world is a vast, wild, and mysterious place, and it is up to the individual to embrace it, explore it, and make the most of it. At the same time, the song warns that life is fleeting, and we should cherish the moments that make it worth living. The music in the song is equally captivating, featuring a mix of guitar, drums, and vocals that combine in a way that expresses the emotions of the lyrics.

Line by Line Meaning

Given to the wild
Abandoned to the untamed and unpredictable nature of life

Given to the wilder ways
Unrestrained and embracing the unpredictability and risks of life

While the ways of a child
During a time when one is innocent, naive, and carefree, with little responsibility

Are whiled away
Passing one's time joyfully and without worry or consequence, often unaware of the fleeting nature of such carefree moments

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Comments from YouTube:

Dawn Marie Page

I can see this album is going to be AMAZING!! Whenever I tell people my fav band is The Maccabees, they're like, who? Get tuned in people!


If they do become famous they will in a good way, because they've proven that they're a great alternative band. Already two great albums and this one is looking even better, surely it's a good thing if they bring some much needed quality music to the charts.


Oh my goooooooooooooood.When I finally am going to see them live (Amsterdam) they are releasing THIS. It's going to be stunning and amazing and both audio and visuals give me waves of goosebumps all over my body. Including my cheeks, which is really rare. <3

Eton Messy

amazing...simply epic! The music just accents perfectly what your seeing


words can not describe how good this video is, and how perfect the song is to it. it has given me a reason to live simple in hope that i will be able to do something like this with the one i love one day. thank you maccabees


Visually stunning. And what a taster. More like this please Maccabees.


Can't see this album being too far off a masterpiece

Mike Kay

The Maccabees are huge for a band of their genre. But there's a reason for that, they're fucking CLASS!


I think that this album goes further to owns thoughts, the music it's the start but no the end, they put in every song something special, it's like one kind of narrative made for feeling and finds us with ourselves

Rosie Kitchen

This video and the entire album makes me feel nostalgic, for what, I don't know, but I feel nostalgic nonetheless

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