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AB's Song
by The Marshall Tucker Band

If I die at 23
Won't you bury me
In the sunshine?
Please let me know
That you're still mine.
Though I'm gone,
My love for you
Is, oh, so strong.

and when the grass grows over me,
Let me know
You still love me.
Never put nobody else
Above me.
Then I'll know
My love for you
Will always grow.


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Kathy Rogers

my husband grew up with Toy and Tommy, he knew all of 'em, just wish I had gotten Doug to sing this at his funeral...I've never put nobody else above him R.I.P. my sweet Husband until we are together again


It's difficult to even comment on this song. Most likely the strongest 1:13 of music there is. I moved from New York to South Carolina because of MTB. This is a Southern song.

Steve Greer Jr.

If were talking about Wayne Castasanta, I worked with his mom at the Peidmont club.
Her name was Grace. She was a really nice lady.


@Steve Greer Jr. Wayne still lives in Spartanburg and sings and plays his keyboards at his Church and for Nursing Homes frequently, his son is a great bassist. I don't know them but see their post on FB and Wayne is a fun loving character!

Steve Greer Jr.

I'll bet you remember the Sitar which turned into the Ruins. We used to watch them practice around there somewhere in a small room. A guy named Wayne Castesanta played with them.
We talkin' YEARS ago. Good times.

Eric Fries

I was 16 in 1973 and I remember this song like yesterday. It is short but sweet......One question five sentences long.    My favorite song of the album.
I bought this album at a place called Crazy Jacks in Savannah Ga.   We at the time got to see all the greats MTB...Skynyrd....Allman Bros....Wet Willy ....CDB....ect.
Because we lived right in the middle of where they all were from....So they would all come to our Civic Center For concerts.....Man I miss those days.    RIP Caldwell Bros.    P/S If you don't like this song there is something wrong...

dan bas

Eric Fries you are so lucky...

Gerald West

We were only 15 years old when this tune, album, came out and we loved it and still loving it. AND we are still here back up in these Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

The Marshall Tucker Band will always be in the 'Rock n Roll Hearts Of Fame', that's all that truly matters. Besides, it would be a  desecration to the band to be part of what is currently recognized as the R&R "Hall Of Fame"

Norma Crews


Mark Hanson

Is the truth GW. Picked this song up from KAAY (Little Rock) from near the CA border back then on a home made crystal radio and 50 ' copper wire antenna I attached to the top of the elm. Those bands went straight into one's heart and never left. Their memory remains still; proving 'love will always grow'.

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