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Melody Ann
by The Marshall Tucker Band

Many a time I feel so lonesome
Many a day I've been so doggone tired
When I get lonesome, yes I do
I think about true love
And when I think about true love
I think about you

So I'm singing, this here song, for Melody Ann
And I'm so doggone proud
That I'm her man and she's all mine
My Melody Ann

Been many a morning
Since I seen you
Seen many a sunrise, yes
Lord knows I've drove many miles
But you know the best thing About going home
Is to see you, standing there, with a smile

And I'm singing, this here song,
For Melody Ann
And I'm so doggone proud
That I'm her man and she's all mine
My Melody Ann
My Melody Ann
I love ya darlin'

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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Hauser Sr.

i met her when she was six years old...
we grew up playing kick ball, hide n seek , kick the can and building snow men.
when i was seventeen and she was fifthteen we were wrestling...
we stopped and looked deep into each others eyes...
we kissed.
best kiss of my life...
we fell in love with each other...
one day i left nyc for a new life in fla.
we strayed apart...
she passed on my birthday in 1993...
my heart broke that day.
i never stopped loving you Kim.
someday we will be together forever...


That brought a tear to my eye brother.... God bless you.

Kimberly O

The more I hear this, the more I love it.  Tommy had a good voice!  Wish he would have taken the lead a little more.  So sad that this band does not get it's due.


It makes me think about some one I know and truly care about and love deeply

Jean Davis

Me too, my formal Husband, this is a song saying something that he would tell me..


This ain't "country & western" music, it's just "western"......with maybe a pinch of the blues thrown in for good measure.  Great band; great music.  'Sure takes me back.


FishinMoma  -  How'd things work out?


Yes ma'am.    Ya know, your "had this feller once" comment was a year ago.  'Didn't expect you to see what I just wrote.  'Glad you did


thank you nattybumppo48....that's sweet


...had this feller once, he called me Melody Ann cause of this tune...

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