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by The Mess

I'm so tired of this feeling
Wish that I could find some meaning
In the time that I've spent
Finding myself out
Overcoming all the Seasons
I lost my faith but with good reason
Fighting demons
Wearing myself out

Don't turn around
'Cause what's lost can't be found
How do I find my way out
When I can barely breathe

I'm so numb from not believing
Malicious thoughts are so deceiving
Wasting time trying to figure myself out
The worlds fast forward
I'm in slow motion
(The same mistakes before)
Endless thoughts
A flood of emotion

And I can still remember
We thought this would last forever
But the weathers grown so cold
And it's all around me
And the seasons are always changing
Always growing and rearranging
As the cold front shows its face

Don't turn around
(Searching so hard for something to hold on to)
'Cause what's lost can't be found
(Serotonin level failing my mood)
How do I find my way out
(I lie awake in bed there's nothing I can do)
When I can barely breathe
(I want to end this but I haven't a clue)

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