The Mighty RAW Lyrics

Tick tock, tick tock
You're runnin' out of time
No time to stop
'Cause they are close behind
When they come knock
They better know it's time
I've got the lock
To keep them all in line
Well you can run and you can hide
When the evil's got you in sight

Co-co-com Combat
Co-co-com Combat

Now you see them
The plan is very clear
Find their weak spot
And never show your fear
They think their tough
But you've got a secret weapon
They don't know 'bout
Your ultra zord protection
And now they run and now they hide
'Cause you're on the winning side

Co-co-com Combat
Co-co-com Combat

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Adam Charles Hovey

I never realised it but I think one of the reasons that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is so endearing to me compared to some of the other seasons, is even though it is kind of cheesy, the music was actually really good. I definitely think there are seasons that are better written, that have better story arcs, and better acting, but that original music from mmpr, just awesome.


Agreed ✊🏾✊🏾

The Riddler

@ZarkZyrian Dino Thunder? Sure
Jungle Fury? Okay...
RPM? Definitely
Dino Charge? Lay off the shrooms, bro

The Drizzle

Makes me wanna learn Karate of some kind or maybe Tang Soo Do

Xa Agripha

Lets face it to thouse guitar rifts id kill more puddys than Hitler Stalin and Mao could people.
I mean where on the winning side and if star ship troopers has anything to say about it, is that if your winning your right.
And more is better and who has the most wins.
These are the lessons Genghis Khan taught to the greatest man to ever live Dan Halen.

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Dojo Dragon

I haven't heard this in over 25 years. I forgot this and how the show and the music were a big part of my life. Thank you.


This song gets into my head when I'm reading strategies for fighting games xD

trayshawn williams

@Kahrah Noel q

Kahrah Noel


Son of Hecate

Ron Wasserman MUST come back to Power Rangers and make more music for it.

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