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The Monkees Lyrics

Hey, hey, mercy woman plays a song and no one listens
I need help, I'm falling again

Play the drum a little louder
Tell me I can live without her
If I only listen to the band

Listen to the band

Weren't they good, they made me happy
I think I can make it alone

Oh, mercy, woman plays a song and no one listens
I need help, I'm falling again

Play the drum a little bit louder
Tell them they can live without her
If they only listen to the band

Listen to the band

Now weren't they good, they made me happy
I think I can make it alone

Oh, woman plays a song and no one listens
I need help I'm falling again

Come on, play the drums just a little bit louder
Tell us we can live without her
Now that we have listened to the band

Listen to the band

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Craig Allen

Mike was always my favorite "Monkee".
That out of the way, I think he is one of the most all-around talented people in the music business.
HIS songs were always the best, in both the TV show, and albums, (yeah...I remember those. Fondly.) And because they were actually written BY him, for the group, and not Boyce/Hart...ABSOLUTELY nothing against Boyce/Hart, as they wrote some great songs, both for the Monkee's, and for others in the era(s), nor written by any other 'songwriters', but by a member of the actual group. His songs still stand on their own today, and although not the typical pop-y, bubblegum tripe one may be used to when listening to or watching "The Monkee's", I would, and would have, put up against any of their other songs, i would have DEFINATELY made his songs the "B Side" to as many 45 rpm's (yepper....i remember 45 rpm's just as I remember-to a somewhat lesser degree,78rpm's, only because, at the time, as I remmber it, 78s were mostly Jazz and Easy Listening-type records, at least for what my parents had as far as they go). All that to say, not only do I like his music, but he is one of my musical 'idols' I guess you'd say, altho that is not the word I'm looking for, 1 of the ppl I look up to and gained inspiration by, as a musician and as a person.
I keep telling myself I want to write to Mike, and others who I similarly like, and let them know how much they and/or their songs or movies mean(t) to me, both b4 THEY pass, as well as ME passing, because I think its important to let ppl know how much they mean to you, or how much you admire them, by passing, as it may help them, or make them feel good, especially since the vast majority I would like to write to are older, and getting up in age, and hearing what someone means/meant to a stranger may give them a boost, or make them feel good if they're having a shifty day etc,etc,etc.
But I never do it (write) bcuz then I also yell myself it may come off as 'stalker-ish', as how many OTHER ppl write them, and how many letters do they get EVERY DAY, and what would 1 more mean or do.
Yes, I'm conflicted in feelings. I'm a Gemini, the twins, dual identities/duality....whaddaya want, lol.

Thanks for tolerating my novel. I will go now.

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Just found out that Mike Nesmith passed away today. So sad. So much talent in that man. RIP Mike. Thank you so much for the wonderful music you gave us.

xcx_A u t u m n_xcx

I'm very sad too... He was my favorite ๐Ÿ’” R.I.P. Mike ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

xcx_A u t u m n_xcx

@Allington Marakan no, Micky Dolenz is still alive. โค๏ธ

Alex Larkins


Lisa McBride

Mickey! Oops

A drummer on elm Street


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Don L

RIP Mike, you and the band gave me childhood memories that have lasted for decades.


So very true for so many of us.

Talking The Talk

Thank you Mike for the great music. RIP.

Captain Fantastic

Hell, hell, HELL of a song. Even though The Monkees' chart fortunes were dwindling in 1969, "Listen To The Band" was strong enough to climb the charts on it's own simply because it was a damn good song. Well done, Michael.

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