Sometime in the Morning
The Monkees Lyrics

Sometime in the morning
A simple thought may occur to you,
And you hold her,
And tell her all the things you never told her
Your love has shown me things
I never thought I could see
I didn't know (I didn't know)
It could be done so easily now I know (now I know)
You're where it is for me
Sometime in the evening
You're sitting there by the fireside
And she'll touch you
And you'll realize how much you never knew before,
How much you couldn't see
You didn't know (you didn't know)
It could be done so easily now you know
She's all a girl could be

Now in her childlike eyes
You see the beauty there
You know it was always there
And you need no longer wear a disguise

Sometime in the morning
You'll just reach out and she will be there,
Close as the summer air

Sometime in the morning (she will be there) she will be there
Sometime in the morning (she will be there) she will be there

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Yellow Matter

I am not so sure about that ranking....i am more comfortable
saying that his voice is as good
as anyones....both in "technical"
aspects and in conveying emotion.
It is hard for me to place artists
such as Paul , Levi Stubbs or
Sam Cooke (I am leaving out many
many many others for sake of brevity) BEHIND ANYONE, so i
make it an equal ranking at the top
of the hill. At his best.....Mr. Dolenz
deserves to be in this grouping....
according to my ears and to my heart.

Yellow Matter

First,let's get the praise for the sound
out of the way. Good job for sure. Thank you.
Second, it is quite nice to see this song and video receive some TLC.
Out of a catalog contains MANY
of my favorites..."Sometime in the
Morning" very well may be my fav
Monkee cut. God bless you and
God bless Micky's spine- tingling,
yet tender performance.

All comments from YouTube:

Colin Wilson

This mix sends chills down my spine. The double tracking on Micky's voice sounds beyond compare really. Harmonies are also boosted which is a plus. Love it.

stev al

Yes - my favorite and know the musicians playing this were awesome!! Love the guitar and bass!!!! Also love "Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow" by the Monkeys!!

Jimi Lee

100% Fully Agreed 👍


I belive Carole King sang backing vocals on this

pam shewan

The best Monkees song and the best written by Goffin King.

Pauletta Nelson

Yes, I feel it too!!!!

Big Deal

Mickey Dolenz
One of the best Voices in music !!! Has to be the most underated voices in music ....he should get more credit !!! That's for sure !
True Monkees fans realize this ! This is my favorite song by them ! Even though they had MANY HITS ! Valleri... Stepping Stone... I'm a Believer...Mary Mary... Words... Last train to Clarksville...Daydream Believer...and on and on and on !
They DESERVE to be in the HOF ! 👍

John Boehmer

Agreed. They were a manufactured product in large part, no getting around that. But the end product was truly a cut above the vast majority of music acts ever. Music that truly moves you on many levels.

Then when you consider the work they did on their own, a lot of it is equally excellent. Going Down is such an impressive song in every way, and it was completely put together by them. Not all the instrumentation, but it was written, produced, and sung by them. Mickey's delivery is awesome, the lyrics are genuinely catchy, creative, and cool in an abstract way, though the song is telling a very rea and powerfull account of an attempted suicide. This song here, sometime in the morning, is easily one of the most stirring love songs I've ever heard.

Yes, they should be in the Hall of fame.

Robin Wanless

Micky, Best Rock 'n' Roll Voice!!! AND this Song is Sooo Beautiful, Micky did a Great Job on this Song.

Dave Wlodarski

Yes they should be in the Hall of Fame. One of the best bands ever.

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