Dinu Lipatti's Bones
The Mountain Goats Lyrics

We stank of hair dye and ammonia
We sealed ourselves away from view
You were looking at the void and seldom blinking
The best that I could do was to train my eyes on you

We scaled the hidden hills beneath the surface
Scraped our fingers bloody on the stones
And built a little house that we could live in
Out of Dinu Lipatti's bones
We kept our friends at bay all summer long
Treated the days as if they'd kill us if they could
Wringing out the hours like blood-drenched bedsheets
To keep wintertime at bay, but December showed up anyway

There was no money; it was money that you wanted
I went downtown, sold off most of what I owned
And we raised a tower to broadcast all our dark dreams
From Dinu Lipatti's bones

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Comments from YouTube:

Skye Holloway

"But December showed up anyway..." Honestly, what a metaphor for life. I love John Darnielle.

Inspector Javert

yes, it's a great metaphor for our human desire to delay the unpleasant inevitabilities of life


"songs that make u lie face down in the mud"

Chris Brannen

this whole album is like a manic depressive acid trip. I haven't quite decided if that's a bad thing.

Via S

I study at an art school in romania named after Dinu Lipatti šŸ˜‚ had to do a double take when i saw the title of the song

Io Usagi

TJ Sawyer of Humboldt County?

Via S



Scrolled for a second and found you šŸ˜‚





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