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The Mountain Goats Lyrics

Once a week I make the drive, two hours east
To check the Austin post office box
And I make the detour through our old neighborhood
See all the Chevy Impalas in their front yards up on blocks

And I park in an alley
And I read through the postcards you continue to send
Where as indirectly as you can, you ask what I remember
I like these torture devices from my old best friend
Well, I'll tell you what I know, like I swore I always would
I don't think it's gonna do you any good
I remember the train headed south out of Bangkok
Down toward the water

I always get a late start when the sun's going down
And the traffic's thinning out and the glare is hard to take
I wish the West Texas Highway was a mobius strip
I could ride it out forever

When I feel my heart break, I almost swear I hear it happen, in fact, clean and not hard
I come in off the highway and I park in my front yard
Fall out of the car like a hostage from a plane
Think of you a while, start wishing it would rain

And I remember the train headed south out of Bangkok
Down toward the water

I come into the house, put on a pot of coffee
Walk the floors a little while
I set your postcard on the table with all the others like it
I start sorting through the pile

I check the pictures and the postmarks and the captions and the stamps
For signs of any pattern at all
When I come up empty-handed the feeling almost overwhelms me
I let a few of my defenses fall

And I smile a bitter smile
It's not a pretty thing to see
I think about a railroad platform
Back in 1983

And I remember the train headed south out of Bangkok
Down, down toward the water


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"when i feel my heart break
i almost swear I hear it happen
is the clear and that hard
i come in off the highway
and i park in my front yard
i fall out of the car
like a hostage from a plane
think of you a while
start wishing it would rain"-------
Definitely some of the most vivid and real lyrics ever, every time I hear that part I totally feel it and just really a perfect description of that feeling of a broken heart, and still somehow always makes me smile and feel hopeful. And yea I totally just now got that most of this song is referring to Jeff and Cyrus :).... guess that should have been obvious.

Gray Gower

+Ionlyjoined Toremovethatsign Huh, I didn't know about Night Light. This makes perfect sense actually. It's always fun to try and piece together John Darnielle's songs. He actually (passively) encourages it.

You know what's something strange about this song to me? It sounds like a super successful pop hit. It has that feeling to it. Especially with those last few lines. 

"And I smile a bitter smile, not a pretty thing to see. I think about a railroad platform back in 1983, and I remember the train headed South outta Bangkok down, toward, the water."

I have a lot of mountain goats songs memorized. I need to count them up. I'm thinking 30 or 40 at this point, and then about a dozen more that I have about half-memorized.

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The Mobius Strip line is fucking amazing


" I wish the West Texas Highway was a Mobius Strip" I love that...

Rory Tarics

i've cried to/about this song more times than i can count. the same thing that happened to jeff (sent to the place where they told him he'd never be famous) happened to me, and i listened to AHWTX every day towards the tail end of that journey, when they finally let me have CDs. it was the only CD i had, and it saved my life. this song gave (still gives) me a lot of hope. if blessings are real, the existence of tMG is one.


this song reminds me of a person i met who fell in love with someone for 4 weeks and only found out that the feeling was mutual 15 minutes before they would separate and never meet again.

C.C. Baxter

As much as I love John D's studio albums...I first fell in love with his music in the 90's with all of that tape recorder hiss...and it remains my favorite period of his.


I know it's tragic. They were the best death metal band ever

L. Ron Hoyabembe

I heard this the first time on Pandora while driving across the I-10 in Texas

Undead Corsair

I love how the sound quality isn't quite perfect on this track as if he recorded it with an ancient tape recorder or sang through a pipe, it just sounds really good.

Morgan Ward

That's the warm, lo-fi sound that only a boombox recording can give you. Not even vinyl carries the same character.


He went out of his way to record the songs like this, John liked this sound

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