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The Musical Cast of Miss Saigon Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Bui-Doi' by these artists:

Peter Polycarpou They're called Bui-Doi. The dust of life. Conceived in Hel…
Peter Polycarpou Choir They're called Bui-Doi, The dust of life, Conceived in hell,…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Musical Cast of Miss Saigon:

De Bruiloft Dju vui vay Dju vui vay Vju doi may Vju doi…
Die Film Draait Door M'n Hoofd vraag niet wat ik van Yankees vind. Vloekt als een vent,…
Heet Als De Zon Is Saigon Heet als de zon is Saigon. De meiden stinken naar zweet. Een…
Ouverture Wie wordt vanavond Miss Saigon? Ja, ik heb ze geil voor…
Waarom, God? Waarom Saigon 's nachts nooit slapen wil, waarom dit meisje …
Zon en Maan Als jij zon bent, noem mij maan, die allebei hun baan…

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Erin W

This is the best version I've found on YouTube thus far, and it's all in the acting. A lot of the time this song is performed as a righteous and tired man pleading to an uncaring public, trying to care about what he does. He's wise and is acting as though he has something to impart.

In this version, the original version, this is not John trying to teach a lesson. This is an admission of guilt. He feels responsible as well and owns his own culpability. The vocal gymnastics in other versions can start to sound triumphant or even saccharine to me. John is much more composed, embarrassed, and somber in this version, which I feel redeems the earlier John we see much better.

With most versions, John can come across as a self-righteous ass in this song. Who is he to take the moral high ground? Here, John has seen the error in his freewheeling ways back in Vietnam, and knows he could very well have his own bui doi somewhere. He is not condemning a separate group, he is blowing the whistle on something he is directly involved in, and by doing so, admitting to a terrible thing he did himself. He isn't proud and he isn't a teacher. He's just here to try and make reparations for something he did.

Very beautiful, and a great way to immediately place John on higher ground than Chris at the top of the second act. In the first, Chris is unwilling to participate and has a lot morally on John. Now, it's Chris' turn in the barrel, while we see John's earned emotional maturity.

Sarah Farragher

Such an amazing voice.. So beautiful.. Don't like it when John's mess around with the tune when it's so beautiful to begin with.. He sings it with raw passion and simplicity... Perfection..

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The first time I heard Miss Saigon, I was like, "Wow, this sounds a lot like Les Mis." Then I looked at the composer, and I was like, "Oh, that's why."

Chloe Butler

It makes me sad to hear that a lot of people don't even understand this song.


my heart is torn each time i hear this song.

Mark Sullivan

my god, this performance brings me to tears everytime I watch it.

Valerie Morgan

Same! Although I fully comprehend all of these children are my age now, I still feel the urge to go help those precious souls find their daddies.

eric cameron

Amen brother-me too.


Impressive performance. He sings it perfectly yet makes you believe he is making a speech.


Hands down best version of this song, in my opinion. Sung straight, no vocal gymnastics, no crazy strutting around the stage. Simple, powerful and pure. Love it. Wish I could of seen the original cast they were amazing.


@Searchingtruth x I was fortunate to see this 3 times in the West End back in the say with Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Peter Polycarpou and Simon Bowman in the leading roles. Actually I think we saw Monique Wilson singing as Kim the final time. The first time we were so high up in the "Gods" that we never saw the helicopter !! Saw Les Mis 7 times at 2 theatres and Phantom 4 or 5 times, Those were the days !!!

Searchingtruth x

@The Fake Dragon yep.. fab

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