The New Heathers, Start: We need your help!

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by The New Heathers

Everybody's talkin' 'bout the world and its problems
I've been muffling my mouth around the herd
All the watching and the reading, wondering, "What's the solution?"
Got me no choice but to bleat out all these words
No more use in arguing convention
There's just one plan left, we all know it will work

You can start by protecting the weakest among us
You can start by defending their needs

Some will doubt the candor, they'll say
"No, you can't mean it. There's no way to defeat it. This is how the world works."
We'll scream, "It's so simple. Compassion is so useful. You're neighbor's he who needs you."
It's not a faceless term.
Since crushing all the masses is called progress,
We're not hanging on to see the end result

You can start...

There's food, shelter, clothing, education, care for everyone
And every heart that beats and all that's tied to this world we live on
It's not like we don't know it, or don't have the seeds to sow it
There's really no choice left to make, we should've started yesterday
Sit and watch each other suffocate, or set our courses straight

You can start... by fullfilling their needs

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